Thursday, January 08, 2015

Another week almost Over

Can't believe it is already Thursday.  Once upon a time I used to write a blog EVERY day, now I seem to have to remember to write one.  Probably because - at the moment - there is not much to write about, other than my own miseries, and who want's to hear about them?

At least I am sleeping much better.  Feel slightly less depressed, but early days yet (less than three months) so no doubt I'll still have good and bad days.  Can't get interested in food though, seem to have completely lost my appetite. 

Made a big bowl of porridge yesterday, ate some for 'brunch', and that seemed enough for the rest of the day although I 'forced' myself to eat some Heinz 5 beans for supper.   More porridge for breakfast this morning, then might have a proper supper this evening as my daughter will be here (after taking me to the surgery), maybe will suggest a take-way, I still don't feel like cooking !!!

However, am enjoying watching James Martin's afternoon cookery show where he cooks his favourite foods in his kitchen. As many readers have commented, eating protein does give more energy (J.Martin uses a lot), so really must start sorting out and using what is in the freezer).

Many comment also about a choice of pet.  Seems cats would be the obvious solution, trouble is I'm a dog person, but after watching a couple of programmes about buying and raising puppies (on TV this week) think they would be far too much trouble.  I can't remember our Labrador puppy ever being as naughty as the ones shown.  Maybe we were lucky. 
Getting her house-trained was the important bit, she very soon learned to squat on paper if she wanted a pee, trouble was any paper would do, and she once waddled her tiny body the whole length of our through-lounge to squat on an exercise book that my daughter (who was lying on the floor at the time), had been painting a map.  All the colours ran together.  Why we didn't stop the puppy I don't know, we just watched with open mouths then shrieks of laughter (at least we laughed, our daughter didn't).

Wood-burning stoves (and hens) also seem to bring extra work, and probably this is something I can't deal with - at least at the moment.   I wouldn't buy hens until March anyway, so will have to wait and see whether there is any improvement in my health.   It's all wishful thinking and am sure something will turn up to keep me occupied that doesn't need too much labour.  Perhaps I should start writing a novel!

Thanks again Cheesepare for the book.  It really is interesting.  As your name/address was included (in case of return), I took the liberty of trying to see where you lived (via Google earth), but not very successfully.  Got the right area, but there were several houses it could have been.  However, it looks a lovely little 'hamlet'.

Don't know if I mentioned recently - when tidying up - I found our huge AA atlas of the US and Canada.   Managed to find all the places mentioned and visited in 'Little House.....' including Walnut Grove, but I bet they have all changed in appearance since then.  Was pleased not to miss yesterday's episode where Laura Ingalls was given a temporary job as a teacher, and two weeks later on her sixteenth birthday Almonzo Wilder (her future husband) suddenly realised she wasn't a little girl any more.  Think the series ran for at least 10 years, so just over half-way through by now I should think.

Very noticeable in some states is the way the main roads run in straight lines, giving the appearance of very large square of oblong fields.  Even the towns seems to have straight streets.   Here in GB the only straight roads are the old Roman ones - and not a lot of those.  Have a feeling I've mentioned this before, so ignore if I have.

Am not very interested in world affairs at the moment, but hearing that the price of oil has dropped, and the low prices in euro-land for just about everything makes me wonder if our food prices will drop further.  With the store-wars here almost certainly they will, but this would be due to the lower fuel prices (less paid for commercial delivery costs from warehouse to store), leaving the profits on food to remain the same - with the stores making us believe the lower prices are reduced by them for our benefit.

Am busy the rest of this week, so it will be Sunday (probably Monday) before I return to blog. It all depends on what time I have, or if anyone wishes to meet up with me (I still have people from various organizations to call at the house, but don't know when), and whether I have a good day or a bad day.  So much I want to do, need to do, yet most of the time I just can't be bothered.  Things can only get better.  Hope so anyway. 

Almost spring in the air today.  The frosts have gone and the day temperature is in double figures for the moment.  We had quite a bit of rain yesterday. Mainly blue sky at the moment with a light breeze. I hardly notice the weather as most of the time our living room curtains are three-quarters drawn (to keep in the heat) but I would love to wake to see a white world with big flakes of snow floating down.  Still time for that.

A few more weeks and I hope to be back to near normal, or at least have more energy, then maybe find my thoughts back to writing about food, saving money etc, etc, etc.  The world I'm living in at the moment I was completely unprepared for, and it's taking me ages to come to terms with it, or even understand it.  It's like learning to walk again, taking baby steps and collapsing now and again while I do so.  Strange feeling, but am coming to terms with it, and each day feel that little bit better.

Hope you all have a good weekend, and many thanks for all those lovely comments you are sending me.  Really appreciate them, they do cheer me up. Sorry am not replying to each individually as I normally would but all are read.   Back again soon.  TTFN.