Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Not Quite Sure....

As ever, many thanks for your comments.  What with not sleeping am getting a bit confused as to what day it is.

Went to the docs on Monday - it had to be at another surgery miles away, I was so stressed, but the doctor IS lovely, and he has upped some of my meds and have to say I now do feel a lot stronger and am beginning to sleep at night.  Have to see him again next week.
Another medical problem (not related to the heart) has suddenly appeared, so this needs to be looked at, and the doc wanted me to be checked out immediately, but I asked for a few days grace as I just cannot take on any more worry at the moment, and he did understand that I'd had an awful lot on my plate these past few weeks so said if the problem has begun to cured itself by the time I see him next week, may not need to go to hospital.  Just have to wait and see.

Of course the central heating broke down AGAIN!  A different repair man came (very handsome), and he gave it a thorough check, he said he thought it was now OK but (fortunately) it stopped working again while he was still here, so in the end he had to order new parts.  These he brought at 8am this morning and so far it is OK.  Bitterly cold in the bedroom last night though, but it reminded me a lot of my early married life when we had no central heating and the weather was VERY cold.  We had sheets and blankets and quilts then, so this time put large blankets over the duvet, wore a woollen bed jacket (that I pulled over my head to keep my ears warm) and was very comfortable and cosy.

A few minutes ago a local garage collected B's car to get a new MOT (the old one ends on Jan 1st), and if repairs (if any) don't cost too much then it will go to one of the family.  If they decide not to go ahead with it another member of the family will buy it from me or it will be sold to a stranger.  I will be glad when it is gone as I can't bear to keep seeing the car.  Too many memories.

Still the paperwork keeps arriving, but most of it is done and dusted, and this weekend I will be having more visitors so am intending to rest as much as possible until then.  Luckily, with more energy now, and managing to sleep for several hours a night this does make me feel a lot better, so can do quite a few things.  It's when I'm out of the house I get a panic attack.  As I said to the doctor "I feel like a snail that has lost its shell", all I want to do is scamper back home and lock myself in - only then do I feel secure.

Still have to sort out whether the garage roof can be repaired or whether it needs a complete new roof.  I can't open the garage doors as one lock is high on one side, the other down close to the ground and some distance from the other, I need two hands stretched out to open the door so depending on health circs may decide to have an up and over electrical door that works by just pressing a button.  The garage is the only place I can keep Norris.  But one day at a time.

Not sure if I'll be blogging tomorrow - maybe not until Monday, it all depends on what happens.  Each day brings a new challenge, and these take priority.  So expect me when you see me.

Regarding Black Friday, apparently the Monday this week was called 'Cyber Monday' when people spend £££££s buying things via their computers.   At least that saves all the fighting in the shops, but too easy a way to encourage the spend, spend, spend that seems now to rule many lives.

A really heavy frost last night, first one we've seen this autumn, and snow is forecast in the North, don't know how much.  Hope we don't get too much - at least until the car has been moved from the drive (the garage is full of B's tools, work-benches and junk to put the car in there for shelter).

That's is for today, sorry my blogs have been very bitty with not much substance, and very little written about food.  Once I get my health sorted, then I should be able to get back into the normal routine.  Until I'm sure of my future - as I said, have to take each day as it comes, but half the time can't even remember what day it is.  TTFN.