Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Each Day a New Day...

As am finding it difficult to sleep at the moment, thought I'd get up early and cheer myself up by reading your comments - for which I thank you as I find them inspiring.

Regarding coping on a lower income (Mandy and Jane), that will be a challenge but as regular readers know, I just LOVE challenges.  Cuts will have to be made (like not having a daily paper - just one on Saturday that includes the TV supplement), and this week I'll find out if I will be eligible for any benefits (made a mistake with the gas discount mentioned yesterday, missed off a nought - but will only get that anyway if my income is low enough). 

Steve and I had thought of desk-top publishing a new book of mine, this we hope to sell (at low cost) through the new web site when it is up and running, but first I have to write it. Thanks to those who suggested the electronic version, and the 'family' publication seems to be the simplest way for me.

Regarding empty jars Alison, for storing that chutney (recipe given yesterday).  When giving as gifts I often use the smallish jars that used to hold Colman's mustard.  So I save all those when empty - good also for lemon curd).  One thing I'm never short of is jars - just hate to throw them away.   Will have to find someone who likes preserves now I don't have anyone to munch through morning toast and marmalade or jam. 

Your mention Hazel, of veggie soup, has inspired me to make a big panful this morning, so that could keep me going for several days and help to use up the veggies in the fridge (and onions and butternut squash and potatoes stored at room temperature.

The hospital visit went better than expected although I feel they were glad to see the back of me as on the way there I ripped off a heel from my shoe and despite being in one of the hosp. wheel chairs, managed to leave black marks on the lovely pale grey carpet where I walked.  Everywhere I went it seemed there was an orderly following me round with a vacuum cleaner.  Well, I like to make my mark!

Had an ECG test, followed by a very lengthy talk with a cardiac specialist - must have talked with him for an hour (or more).  He was so nice, explained everything very clearly.  Fortunately I shouldn't need to return to hospital if I keep taking the pills, but some will need to be increased as my heart is still very weak.  It won't return to full strength but can be improved with the right meds.  Details are being sent to my GP who will take it from there (he is away at the moment, back at the beginning of Dec.).  Was sorry I wouldn't be seeing the specialist again (even though I messed up his carpet) as he was SO nice.  But as it costs ¬£20 in taxi fares to take me to Lancaster hospital (incl. return by taxi), as the local surgery can be easily be reached using my mobility scooter (or taxi if the weather is bad) this will save me money.  Saving money is something I'm going to have to start thinking about.l

Lots of people are worse off than me, so I should count myself fortunate. A roof over my head, central heating (my priority is to keep warm this winter), plenty of food in the larder/fridge/freezer, and all I need is a new pair of shoes!  What have I to be bothered about?  It's not as though I go out and about anyway, so won't have to cut down on social activities.  Still aiming to go to the church if only occasionally.  Just have to take each day as it comes and can't make any real plans until I know how much money I have to play with.   Sounds like a board game, which in a way it may be if I can turn it into one.

Today will be sorting out the freezer drawers/shelves.  Any raw meat I will endeavour to cook in the slow-cooker overnight then turn this into casseroles, spag bol meat sauce, chillis etc.  Seems sensible for me to make up a lot of individual meals so that all I have to do is choose one to reheat each day.

Half of me wishes I could indulge in puddings - like Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Bread Pudding, Trifle etc.... but if I eat those I will gain weight, and losing weight will help take strain from my heart.  Getting thinner for any other reason doesn't matter any more.  I may make one batch of choux pastry as I really fancy a chocolate √©clair and as one batch will make six eclairs, then I can freeze the other five (or what the heck - eat them all in one go!!!).

Have lots of packs of assorted flavours of jelly, so think making a couple of these and eating some each day with a banana or other fruit will make a good pud.  It will have to count as part of the fluid intake I must have (not too much or I will retain it, not too little or it will affect my kidneys - these too are not working as well as they should).  A litre and a half of liquid a day is what the specialist recommended, so will have to work out how much that is in mugs.  Don't need to work out/count any liquid that is in salads/fruit etc thank goodness.

The central heating is still working.  The weather still good, if I look hard enough there is plenty happening that I should be pleased about, but am tending to fill my hours being more active (even if just sitting down), as this gives me less time to think.  Feeling sorry for myself is something I intend not to do. Life is a challenge, and when I focus on what can be done rather than not bother to do anything about it have always found that sense of achievement that is far worth having than an easy life.  So let's get on with it!

Could be I'll be blogging much more regularly again, but as I also have several days where I'll have appointments to wheedle extra benefits, there will be missing blogs, so just keep checking this site to see if I've returned.  And please keep those comments coming as they really do cheer me up.  You have all been so kind and your kind thoughts and prayers have definitely helped.  TTFN.