Sunday, November 16, 2014

Never Put off until Tomorrow....

Firstly must thank all of you for your wonderful comments/condolences.  Each one has been given silent thanks as they were read.   You have all been so kind.

Am trying to make what has happened, prove to be of some use.  If that sounds odd it is always because I've tried to turn some bad into something that might be worthy of knowing.  One example has this has been paperwork.

As regular readers probably know, my Beloved was not the tidiest of persons.  All his paperwork was thrown on a small table by his chair, and from then onto the floor, later put into bags... fortunately throwing anything away did not occur to him, so we were able to find the papers needed - eventually. 

So the first lesson learnt was that all necessary papers should be filed away together, in date order, so that if/when needed, they can be instantly found.   I was blessed with having our children here to help, I could not have coped on my own, especially as I was feeling quite unwell myself. 
So bear this in mind - if you haven't yet thought of thinking ahead in that department, then worth doing so.  Then - if the unexpected happens - you will already be partly prepared.

The next lesson to be learned (by me) is how to cope on a much reduced state pension.  The council tax will be reduced by 25% (it is high anyway), but the rest of the outgoings will be much the same.  So many cuts will need to be made. 
Thankfully I have plenty of food in store, and had thought of changing to a doorstep delivery of milk, but seeing that would be 56p a pint (at least) it makes sense to buy it from the supermarket at 25p pint. If I have it delivered in the larger containers I can freeze it to use as and when needed.

Life will turn out to be a challenge again, and being me that is something I will enjoy.  However, first I must try and get my health back - at the moment am finding it difficult to do much, needing to be pushed in a wheel chair when going to the many offices in Lancaster to sort out 'the necessary'.

Next Tuesday I have again to go to Lancaster Infirmary (outpatients) to see a specialist about my cardiac problem, this may mean more treatment.  Also trips out later in the week to sort out more paperwork.  All I want to do is just stay at home and take things easy. 

Surprisingly, I am continuing to cook, but this time just for me.  It feels odd, but am quite enjoying the meals I make and hopefully this will help me later to put together recipes just for one instead of the usual 'serves four'.

Steve is setting up the new website for me as I want it up and running as soon as possible (just in case my own health takes a turn for the worse).  Just because I might not be able to continue blogging doesn't mean this site and the new one can't still be active - with readers using recipes from this and posting up the photos of the chosen dishes cooked - with comments as to whether it works, can be improved etc - on the new site.   Details will be given on this site when the new site is ready.

As you can appreciate, my days are still busy with having to go out and about, with visitors also expected, and likely to be so for the next few weeks, but I will try to pop in for a quick blog at least once or twice a week. 

Life at the moment seems to be running on automatic pilot,  and am just taking each day as it comes. 'Interesting' things keep happening; a huge heron flew down and settled on the garage roof the other day, stayed there quite a while looking down at me.  A lovely little robin has just flown down onto the fence close to this window and also sat looking at me.  First time I've seen these birds in our garden since we moved here over 5 years ago.
Other things too have happened, each has made me realise that death is natural but life still goes on (whether here or in the hereafter).  So until my time comes I will try not to put off until tomorrow what should be done today. Maybe learning a few more lessons in the process.

Until my next blog, hope you all have a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you. Will try to be back later this week, if not - very soon after.  Love to all. xxx