Friday, October 24, 2014

Catch Up...

Have been resting a lot since my last blog so not a lot to write about.  Still feel a bit wobbly, but once the rest of the test have been done (next one this coming Monday), the meds will be adjusted and then I should feel more energetic.  At the moment am to do only as much as I feel I can cope with, so that's a good excuse not to do much at all! (Normal for me, ha,ha).

As always have had a wish to visit Australia, was very pleased to be able to watch a film this week called 'Charlie and Boot's (Paul Hogan was 'Charlie, the father....).  Mainly about a son taking his father a 3,000 mile journey up Australia for a fishing holiday.  Not a lot of action, mainly driving from one place to another (and not a kangaroo in sight).  The roads were long and very straight with hardly any other vehicles to be seen - apart from huge articulated lorries (almost the length of a small train) driven by (butch) women!!

Much of the countryside was agricultural, harvest time as there were lots of fields full of bales of hay, and wasn't at all how I expected Australia to look.  Apart from it being very flat.  Very flat.  An occasional hill here and there, but generally - flat!

Was amused by the motels they stayed at overnight.  Not sure if they are run by the same company, but it seemed that each morning a lady would bring breakfast to the room on a tray, the food covered in lovely metal domes to keep it hot, very posh by our standards, left it outside the motel door to be taken in and then collected later.

Also saw the Australian outback (?) way of entertaining themselves.  More American than English, a sort of Hoe-Down, Barn-Dance, or maybe Line-dancing.  Stetson's worn by men.  Looked a lot of fun.
Being me, nodded off towards the end of the film, so didn't see them arrive at their destination, but hope it will be on again as it gave me a good feel of the way of Australian rural life, and very laid back it seems to be.  Wish I could visit.

My organic veggie box that I had delivered each month used to contain many veggies with some of the soil still covering the root produce (esp potatoes), and some of these I still have in brown paper bags.  Every so often bring out some small potatoes or sweet potatoes, and it does seem as though the soil has kept them 'fresh'.  So, Kathryn, just spread your veggies out until the soil is dry, then rub off any clumps, bag them up and they will probably keep all winter.  My dad used to 'clamp' a lot of his veggies in sand or straw (then covering the clamp with soil) to keep the produce 'fresh'.

Sorry you were disappointed with your 'English Tea-room' spread Mandy, myself have noticed that rarely do we get our money's worth in places like that.   When we first visited this area  (in search of a place to move to) we once went into a café and the tiniest wedge of cake I've ever seen.  Think we were charged over £3 for that!!!  Every time I moan about it, I'm told that the overheads are so high and as the tea-rooms are usually only open 'during the season' that is why the food costs such a lot. Can understand that, but it certainly makes me check the prices before I choose whether to eat out or not. 
My fault for 'being a cook' I suppose.  I know just how much it would cost me to make what is sold, and this helps me keep my purse strings tied tight.  Then go home and make it myself.  Possibly.

Thanks to Eileen for giving the info to Mandy and Granny G about the Eric Morecambe statue. Don't think they have found out who tried to saw through the leg, but it was unsafe once this had been done so had to be removed and will be repaired and replaced. 

The 'V' shaped pillow I bought is really comfortable, and I do sleep a lot better using it in bed.  Can't pop up the head end of the bed as you suggested Jane, as have had to do this with the foot end. 

As for B attending to my needs jane, he does try, but need prompting.  He is so used to me doing everything, that he doesn't realise that things don't just suddenly appear as if by magic.  Anything more complicated than Marmite on toast sends him into a bit of a panic.
The other day, for the first time, and even while I was there instructing him what to do, he managed to do something to the washing machine that caused it to make a very odd noise after he had loaded it and switched it on.  Think he had turned the knob in the wrong direction.  Managed to get it working - at least the second half of the its cycle, I haven't dared try it since and won't let him touch it again.
Will be glad when I feel well enough to take over all the chores again.  B has always had a very bad short-term memory so can never remember what I ask him to do (or is that his excuse?).  On his way out to the kitchen this week B asked me if I would like a cup of coffee, and even before he left the room he had obviously forgotten I said 'yes', as he returned with 'his' mug full of coffee and nothing for me.  You have to laugh.

Tomorrow is Saturday, on Sunday the hour goes back (an hour extra in bed), and Monday I go to have tests at the hospital, so not sure when I'll next be blogging.  Sooner rather than later - that is if I can find something interesting to write about.  All I seem to do these day is knit/crochet, and make B's supper.  Cooked him meatballs for his supper tonight.  I'd made the meatballs, they just needed heating up, and so I took the easy route, first frying chopped onion, then adding the meatballs, and for the 'sauce' tipped in a can of lentil and bacon soup.  Tasted OK, but as I had two almost empty bottles of tomato ketchup and HP sauce, rinsed those out with a little hot water and added that as well, just gave it a bit more 'kick'.  Served the meatballs/sauce on a bed of pasta penne (drained, tossed in butter and Parmesan cheese).  Enough left over for me to have some, and I did enjoy it.

Yesterday made a vegetable curry (sweet potatoes, ordinary potatoes, onions, cauliflower...) adding a jar of Jalfrezi curry sauce.  served with rice.  Also good.  At least a darn sight better (and far cheaper) than the instant heat-in-the-microwave meals that B had bought for himself from M'son's, while I was in hospital.  He had bought quite a few (2 for £4, what a bargain" he said. Not!), so he was able to heat up one or two for me as well on my return and what a waste of money they were.  Hope it proves to B that home-made meals are far cheaper to make, you get a lot more for you money, and they are also far tastier.

That's my blog for today.  Think it's Hallow'een in a week's time.  Leaves fast falling from the trees, and summer seems now to be well and truly over.  This year we've been blessed with having a lovely spring, summer AND autumn, so nothing to grumble about there.  Wonder what sort of winter we will have. 

Thanks again to all who have sent comments.  In fact there have been so many, and although I have read all of them (blogger send them via my email 'box') have a feeling I've not given personal replies to each, especially some new names that appeared.  Normally I jot down replies as I read each one, but these past couple or so weeks (maybe longer), my routine has gone out of the window, and I'm feverishly trying to gather up the missing strands to weave my life back together again.  Am sure you will be patient with me while I do this. 

Will try to write a short blog this Sunday, otherwise it will be early next week.  Enjoy your weekend. TTFN.