Monday, December 01, 2014


Unbelievable that it is now December.  It still feels like September as even though all the leaves that do fall have fallen, the sun still shines and it is still fairly warm. 

It's been a tiring few days as although having visitors are lovely, I tend to feel exhausted when they have left (family excepted). 

Am still waiting to speak to my GP re the increased dosage of some of my meds (and removal of another),  he has been absent from the surgery for 2 weeks, and I've had to hang on the phone for half an hour to speak to a receptionist (10 or more calls waiting to be heard first).   Have left a message to ask the doctor to ring me (he won't be in until lunchtime) and as I'm having some unpleasant side effects (expected) from one or more meds, want to try and sort that out too.

Otherwise things are much the same, the central heating broke down AGAIN, but I managed to get it working.  There appears to be a leaking roof in the garage, so that needs repair as there is electricity in there (and Norris).  Other minor repairs need doing (B was intending to do them - eventually!), and things need doing before they get worse, otherwise it becomes more and more expensive.

My main problem at the moment is not being able to sleep. many nights I've just lain awake (but did grab an hour or two earlier when I nodded off in my chair).  Last night I did sleep better, so am hoping from now on things will improve. 

Forgive me for not replying to each comment.  All are read, but at the moment my concentration seems to have left me.  ; The only thing I've noted to write about was Black Friday.  Incredible how so much fuss and fighting has gone on just to buy something that much cheaper that was probably not needed in the first place.   It was pointed out on the news that this 'sales day' is an American invention (the day following Thanksgiving - and for some reason we Brits have now taken to celebrating that day too, probably due to the supermarkets wanting to sell more turkeys, and then persuade us to buy a goose for Christmas), and it crossed my mind that just about every American 'tradition' (if you can call it that), is based on spend, spend, spend, leading to mass hysteria at times.

I ask myself "are there any American 'ideas' that we have adopted that has been worth knowing about?"  (Trick or Treating, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Burger bars, cup cakes that have more icing than the cake itself....and innumerable sweets and 'cookies' come first to mind.  There must be others. What British traditions have those in the US taken on board?)

Suppose I'm generalising again, but at the moment am inclined these days to notice how much money is often spent on 'unnecessaries'.  Nothing wrong with that as long as later people don't start grumbling (maybe months later) that they don't then have enough to pay the bills.  But we've all been down that road.   Think before we spend.  If we don't, we shouldn't put the blame on other's shoulders.   That's what my mother taught me, and I'm only sorry it took me so long to understand the sense of it.

Think today I'm in a far too critical mood to write anything worth reading.  Once I've got my health sorted (it won't be cured, but should be able to be improved) - then I'll have more energetic be les breathless, and able to do more,  but am certainly better than I was.

Thankfully, most of the paperwork has now been sorted.  Just waiting to hear about benefits (if any), and today learned that this year I will be receiving both B's and my winter fuel payment,  next year it will be adjusted to the correct amount for a single occupant.

Not much else to chat about, my mind still having blanked out much of life, just doing what needs to be done, keep telling myself that things could be so much worse.  Look at what's happening in the rest of the world.  I'm one of the lucky ones. 

Will be back again later this week, maybe tomorrow, maybe not - it all depends on what I have to do, who I have to go and see.  Some health probs still need sorting out, this may mean another hospital visit - who knows?   Take each day as it comes.  Hope to be blogging sooner rather than later, so watch this space.... TTFN.