Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shortest Day...

Today is the shortest day, and here in Morecambe a very wet, windy and dreary one, but good to know that from now on the days will get longer.   Roll on summer.

Firstly do hope we get some 'proper' winter weather, such as snow that falls in huge flakes.  Haven't seen those for years, most of the snow these days seems to look as though it has been sifted through a sieve and falls like fine powder.

As ever, many thanks for comments.  The most recent have referred to 'A place to call home' and I see that this coming week will be showing the end of the series.  Not sure how it can end as the Jewish nurse has just found out that her husband is still alive and she is leaving for Paris to find him.

Australian drama/films etc always appeal to me.  Although not one to find much enjoyment with 'Skippy the Bush Kangaroo', did enjoy 'The Sullivans', then 'Sons and Daughters', and twice watched the whole series of 'Prisoner Cell Block H'.  Also 'Flying Doctors'. Was a fan of 'Neighbours' until we moved here and couldn't get channel 5 on TV for some months, so stopped watching when it was able to be shown.

Favourite Australian films have been 'Muriel's Wedding', 'Crocodile Dundee', 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert', 'Walkabout', and several others, names now forgotten.

Sorry I've not been blogging recently. Have been feeling very tired this week, think more due to depression than anything physical.  Just not interested in anything at the moment.  Last Sunday the car was collected, so that was another part of our life chipped away.  At least it has gone to a good owner.

The paperwork is getting on my nerves.  Forms keep being returned because some part hasn't been filled in correctly, one even because it had not been signed, and I know it had been, because my daughter and I were at the office where they asked me to sign it before they gave it to us to post.  But seemingly that page had got lost. So we begin again...!!!
By the beginning of 1915 am hoping most will be sorted and I can make a fresh new start. 

Nearly chucked my mobile phone out the other day, every time I began to do something (like lifting a pan of hot liquid from the hob, the phone would ring (or text).  Three times while I was writing out a short order for Tesco to deliver.  First made me jump and I pressed the wrong key and wiped out all the order, so started again, but when it was delivered discovered I must have hit wrong keys as some products I could swear I hadn't ordered, and the milk that came was whole milk not semi-skimmed as usual.  The statement matched what was sent, so will have to check back and see what I thought I'd ordered and I bet any mistakes would have been mine, not theirs.  Just shows how lack of concentration (and annoying mobile calls) can cause havoc when ordering on-line.

Am beginning to envy those creatures that curl up for the winter and hibernate until the warmer weather arrives in the spring.  Each morning now I have to force myself to get up when I'd much rather stay in bed, like ALL day.  But expect these feelings will pass, this is known to be the lowest time of year anyway for a lot of people, even those with no problems whatsoever.  Longer days and more sunshine can work wonders.   

We have had several days of sunshine, trouble is that at the moment I keep the east-facing sitting room curtains partly closed, mainly to keep in the heat from the radiators, so it is the other rooms in the house that get most of the sun. Even with the sun it is very cold outdoors (not that I go outside), but at least am comfortably warm indoors, and with curtains nearly closed, doors shut, don't need the c/h on all day, so haven't got to the shivery stage yet.

Not expecting to see anyone until Christmas Day, so have (incl today) four days to catch up with what needs to be done, then a few more days to plan my future beginning on January 1st.   By then expect to be back blogging much more regularly.

From comments sent in am discovering I'm not the only one to have an uncertain future, and my thoughts go especially to those who are having their own problems at this time.  You have all given me so much support, so firmly believe that at times like this we are never alone and comforting words mean a lot. 
Just writing to you has made me feel so much better.  A good reason to continue, so I will be back blogging, not sure when, maybe just a few words, but will be soon.  TTFN.