Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A quick Blog today....

Did mean to write a longer blog today, but it's been a stressful and emotional weekend what with one thing and another, so do not feel much like having a chat.  Sometimes I feel fine, can even go a day without shedding a tear, then something happens and it feels as though the wall I have been building round me is being relentlessly chipped away, and I have to start all over again.  But things are getting better.

Once this year is over it will seem like a different world for me, and maybe a New Year is a good time to start.  Thankfully, the increased meds are making me feel SO much better - at least my heart is thumping normally instead of fluttering around all over the place - and am now sleeping at night. 

Regarding the Australian drama 'A place to call home' (is that its name?), didn't realise it was such a long one, and it seems we are now in series 2.  There are no actors in it I recognise, although the eldest son (about to marry the Jewish nurse) does look a bit familiar.  Funny how all the main actors seem to have no Australian accents at all, they all sound very English.

Despite me not planning to have Christmas this year, still find the Christmas based cookery progs worth watching. It's almost as good as having it without needing to cook it myself (I rarely eat what I cook for others anyway), and am getting very fond of Tom Kerridge who is a lovely cuddly chef, one of those I would love to meet. 

Still look at the 'flyers' that come through the door, also the ads on TV and in mags/supplements, and - as ever - find that we could make many of these ourselves so very much cheaper.

Recently there was some hoo-ha in the news about 'poor people can't cook' (relating to Foodbanks etc), and my thoughts immediately were "there are a lot of wealthy people who can't cook either".  Even I, who like to believe I can make something out of almost nothing, did have quite a job working out enjoyable meals from the very limited selection given out by some of the Foodbanks.  It's amazing the difference one onion, or even an egg could make to a meal. But these are deemed 'fresh' foods and not part of the allocation (at least not on the Trussell Trust food lists I have been given).

It's so silly.  Surely if someone BUYS an onion (or egg) then it is up to the purchaser to use it within its life-span.  Being GIVEN fresh food in an 'allocation' works the same way.  A 'use-by' date could be written on the egg-shell anyway if there is a fear of it being kept too long.  Onions keep for several weeks/months.

Anyway, I've my own 'foodbank' (personal larder, fridge/freezer) to work through at the moment. Shelves are now slowly clearing, leaving many gaps, but also plenty of food left to use. Strange thing is I feel quite guilty when planning to cook myself a 'proper' supper, as this I did only for my Beloved.  The thought of cooking a fish risotto for tonight's meal for ME doesn't feel right, but am sure I will manage to make, eat and enjoy it. 

Yet another day that looks as though we will have plenty of sun.  We have been warned that we will be having cold weather in a few days, maybe snow in the northern parts of the country.  Heard that before.  Snow has been seen on the Lakeland hills, but not a flake settled in Morecambe, although when going to the docs the other day did have a fairly thick layer of hail/sleet fall on me in a matter of seconds while I waited for the taxi.  At least that was easily brushed off.

A busy week again for me, expecting quite a few people to call (occupational therapist etc - but that could be later rather than sooner), and domestic things I need to keep up with.   Am hoping that I'll be blogging again by Thursday,  or Friday (or Saturday/Sunday).  All depends who calls in  - and when.
Certainly by Jan 1st my intention is to make that the first day of the rest of my life and put as much of the past behind me as possible, then I should be back on track with this blog.   There is much I can still do and should do, so plenty to write about I'm sure.  But will keep blogging (even if only a few words) up to the end of this year and then a new Shirley will hopefully appear, until then will continue blooging, maybe not every day, but certainly not before too long. TTFN.