Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hotpot: 26th Sept. Stuffed Cabbage : 26th Sept.
Broccoli and Leek Gratin: 26th Sept. Potato Shuka: 12th May
The adaptable Paella: 12th May. Aubergine Steaks: 12th May
Stuffed Onions: 12th May. Vegetable Pasty: 7th May
Spicy Spinach 'en croute': 5th May Prune, Pear Pie: 5th May
Vegetable Gratin: 5th May. Cauliflower Gratin: 5th May
Prune, Pears and Chestnut Pie: 5th May
Parsnip Rissoles with Fromage Frais: 2nd April
Chargrilled Veggie Pie: 15th Feb. Veggie Chop Suey: 10th Feb.
Nut Roast: 10th Feb. Veggie Burgers: 26th Jan
Vegetarian Stew: 11th Jan.
Slow cooked Vegetable Chlli: 30th Nov.
Oven roasted Vegetables with Nutty Mash: 24th Nov.
Green Bean Cake: 19th Nov. Lentil Puree: 18th Nov.
Mushroom and Tarragon Pate: 7th Nov. Veg 'Roast : 30th Oct.
Vegetarian Tagine: 27th Oct. Farmhouse Bake: 10th Oct.
Butterbean Polenta Rissoles: 5th August
Chargrilled Veggie Skewers: 1st August
Mauritian Vegetable Ragout: 29th July
Deli-icious Eggs: 22nd July. Vegetable Bake: 22nd July
Satay Stir-fry: 17th July. Veg Omelette Traybake: 15th July
Tagine with Carrots, Apricot and Dates: 6th July
Chilli con Veggie: 5th July Stuffed Aubergines: 5th July
Vegetable Bake with Herby Dumplings: 5th July
Nutty Roasted Vegetable Strudel: 6th June El Bullit: 3rd June
Arabian Casserole: 29th May Varied Vegetable Bake: 29th May
Red Onion Steaks: 29th May Onions with Topping: 29th May
Caramelised Onion and Cheese Parcels: 29th May
Spiced Vegetarian Cottage Pie: 4th Feb.
Vegetarian Sausages: 21st Oct. Mushroom Pie: 19th Oct.
Apple and Cheese Pasties: 19th Oct.
Spinach, Potato and Cheese Omelette: 15th Oct.
Saibhaji (spinach with lentils): 14th Oct.
Godfather Spicy Pumpkin: 12th Oct.
Melting Potato and Mixed Mushrooms: 3rd Oct.
Ruffled Lasagne with Olives and Mushrooms: 3rd Oct.
Leek and Goat's Cheese Tart with Tapenade: 2nd Oct.
Halloumi Stuffed Peppers: 2nd Oct. Potato Wedges : 30th Sept.
Sweet Roasted Vegetables: 29th Sept. Falafel: 24th Sept.
Love-apple Rarebit: 24th Sept. Parsnip Hash B's: 23rd Sept.
Potato Pakoras: 21st Sept. Chargrilled Veg Pie: 20th Sept.
Chana Dhal: 18th Sept. Almost Aloo Gobi: 18th Sept.
Potato Gnocchi: 18th Sept. Pea Pods Piper: 7th Sept.
Mutter Pilau (pea): 5th Sept. Cracked Wheat Pilau: 2nd Sept.
Tofu and Bean Sprout Rolls: 1st Sept. Tofu Stir-fry: 1st Sept.
Mustardy Baked Mushrooms: 1st Sept.
Cauliflower with Yogurt and Cheese: 23rd August
Tomato Tart Tatin: 16th August Spicy Tofu : 16th August
Phoolghobi Bhagia (cauliflower fritters): 15th August
Broad Bean and Herb Couscous: 11th August
Two-way Beetroot: 10th August
Microwave Vegetarian Burgers: 10th August
Butterbeans with Beetroot Mash: 8th August
Spicy Aubergine with Potatoes: 6th August
Crispy Cheese and Courgette Bangers: 2nd August
Courgette Rolls with Ricotta Cheese Filling: 27th July
Spicy Tempura: 23rd July Stuffed Marrow: 23rd July
Sweetcorn, Chickpea and Carrot burgers: 23rd July
Scotch Eggs (veg): 20th July. Hob-top Bean Goulash: 20th July
Tuscan Bean Stew: 20th July Vegetarian Couscous: 19th July
Courgette and Pepper Omelette: 17th July
Walnut, Pepper and Celery Samosas: 11th July
Roasted Squash with Mixed Herb Stuffing: 10th July
Courgette and Chickpea Burgers: 10th Jly
Roasted Vegetables with Couscous: 10th July
Grilled Halloumi cheese and Broad Beans: 8th July
Vegetarian Stir-fry Noodles: 8th July
White Gazpacho: 8th July Chilled Gazpacho: 8th July
Pea and Bean Tortellini Filling: 7th July
Curd Cheese and Spinach Tortellini Filling: 7th July
Stuffed Cabbage Leaves: 3rd July Turkish Eggs: 3rd July
Green Pea Souffle: 1st July Walnut and Veg Pitta Pockets: 1st July
Tortas: 1st July Speedy Falafel Pockets: 28th June
Hash Browns : 28th June Courgette Flower Fritters: 27th June
Vegetable Pizza with Basil: 26th June Tapenade : 20th June
Orange Flavoured Refritos: 20th June
Cauliflower with Broccoli Sauce: 20th June
Rosti: 20th June Cheese and Apple Jackets: 19th June
Mandarin Potatoes: 19th June
Potato and Onion processor Pancakes: 17th June
Glamorgan Sausages: 17th June
Celery and Courgette Stew with Cheese: 17th June
Green and Red Timbale: 17th June Tomato Pesto: 10th June
Meatless burgers: 9th June Onion Bhajis: 8th June
Raita: 8th June Dhal: 8th June
Green Vegetables with Lemon Butter: 7th June
Tabbouleh: 7th June Cheese and Corn Pie Filling: 2nd June
Cheese and Nut Pasties: 2nd June Spring Risotto: 9th May
Vegetable Layer: 5th May Curried Potatoes: 5th May
Spanish Omelette: 19th April Herby Polenta : 2nd March
Corn Fritters: 2nd March Ready-to-use W. Rarebit...28th Feb.
Creamed Mushrooms on Toast: 22nd Feb.
Asparagus Rarebit: 22nd Feb. Sauteed Lentils: 18th Feb.
Lentils with Apricots: 18th Feb. Spinach Crisps: 3rd Feb.
Spanokapita (Greek Spinach Pie): 2nd Feb.
Cheese Souffle: 29th Jan. Souffle Omelette: 27th Jan.
Apple Rarebit: 26th Jan. Savoury Apple Pie: 26th Jan.
Hummus/humous: 25th Jan. Stilt and Brocci Cheese: 10th Jan.