Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FISH DISHES - fresh fish/fishcakes/canned tuna
dishes using FRESH FISH:
Salmon in Filo Nests: 13th May
Pilchard Pasta: 11th May
Fish 'n Chip Nibbles: 11th May
Mackerel a la Kiev: 11th May
Seafood Salad: 5th May
Fish curry 3rd Feb.
Fish pate - flavouring 4th Jan.
Deep Dish Fish Pie 28th Dec.
Speedy Fish Quenelles 1st Dec.
Fish Pie with Sweet Mash topping 26th Oct.
Chef's Fish Special 9th Oct.
Salmon and Prawn Pie 8th Oct.
Fisherman's 'meal in a bowl' Soup 1st Sept.
Smokey Fish Salad 9th August
Quick as a Flash Fish Fingers 21st July
Spicy Fish Fritter 15th July
New York Chowder 7th July
Fish Soup 21st June
Mock White Fish 13th June
Smokey Kale Mash with Fish 26th May
Quick Kedgeree 20th May
Haddock Hash with Poached Eggs 7th May
Japanese Clear Fish Soup 27th April
Japanese Fish Bouillon 27th April
Toasters: Fish Rolls 15th April
Bouillabaisse (fish soup) 29th Feb.
Mixed Fish Salad 29th Feb.
Mary's Fish and Chips 24th Feb.
Curried Fish Salad 24th Feb.
Worcestershire Chowder 24th Feb.
Fish Puffs 24th Feb.
Mariner's Delight 9th Feb.
Pureed Fish 25th Jan.
Peppered Cod with Citrus and Coriander 15th Jan.
Easy Fish Risotto 22nd Dec.
Your Choice Fish Pie 25th Nov.
Herb Stuffing for Fish 25th Nov.
Kedgeree to beat all others 6th Nov.
Fishy Triangles 5th Nov.
Your Average Fish Pie 17th Oct.
Jambalaya Risotto Fish Pie 17th Oct.
Icelandic Fish Pie 17th Oct.
Smokey Fish Pie 27th Sept.
Fishy Frittata 26th Sept.
Odds and Ends Chunky Chowder 10th Sept.
Kedgeree 16th July
Fish fingers/cakes 15th July
Cheats Quick Fish Chowder 15th April
Jambalaya 4th Feb.
Fish Stock (F) 11th Jan.
Captain's Chowder Mark 2 11th Jan.
Poor Man's Paella 1st Jan.
Fish Stock 5th Nov.
The Captain's Chowder 5th Nov.**
Pantry Shelf Fish Bites 26th Sept.
Keshy yeno coe pisca (cheese and fish) 24th April
FISHCAKES (with fresh or canned fish):
Crispy Fishy Cakes: 5th April
Fun to Make Fishcakes: 22nd July
Fishcakes Supreme: 20th July
Salmon and Potato Cakes: 16th July
Fatima's Fishcakes: 28th March
Posh Fish Cakes: 25th Feb.
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fish Cakes: 27th Sept,
Upper Crust Fish Cakes with Tartare Sauce: 20th Sept.
Fish Fingers/Cakes: 16th July
Dishes made with canned fish:
Salmon Pate (F): 25th May
Layered Sardine Terrine: 4th May
Tuna and Sweetcorn Toasties 29th Nov.
Crusty Tuna Casserole 22nd Nov.
Crispy Tuna Hash 28th Oct.
Tuna and Grain Bake 8th Aug.
Crushed Potato and Tuna Salad with Pesto 17th July
Bean Salad with Tuna dressing 17th May
Tuna Toasties 15th April
Mexican Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad 4th April
Tuna Beans on Toast 1st April
Chunky Tuna Casserole 17th March
Green and Gold Tuna 29th Feb.
Tuna and Pasta Salad 18th Jan.
New Potato and Tuna Salad 26th Oct.
Zippy Tuna Pockets 18th Oct.
Filo Tuna Fish Pies 17th Oct.
Lemon Tuna with Pasta 16th Oct.
Tuna Fingers/Balls 29th Sept.
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fish Cakes 27th Sept.
Tuna Melt with Potato Wedges 6th Aug.
Warm Potato, Tuna and Broccoli Salad 19th July
Tuna Mayo Sauce 17th July
Potato, Courgette and Tuna Bake 7th July
Quick and Easy Tuna Bake 2nd July
Tuna Dip 30th June
Zuppa Mituna 21st June
Creamy Tuna Shells 9th April
Melting Tuna Toasts 15th Jan. *
Tuna Rice and something nice 13th Jan.
Tuna-Rice Creole 29th Dec.
Couscous with Tuna 28th Dec.