Friday, March 20, 2009

Recipes for LAMB. In date order.
Stuffed Breast of Lamb (F): 25th May
Mini-burgers with apple: 2nd April
Honeyed Lamb 11th March
Lamb Hot Pot with Parsley dumplings 10th March
Lamb and Barley Hot Pot 10th March
Boston Baked Beans Lamb Casserole 9th March
Albondigos 'Sant Clement' (meatballs) 6th March
Mumbar (lamb curry) 19th February
Spiced Lamb with Couscous 18th February
Mutton/lamb Dhansak 8th February
Rogan Josh (lamb curry) 8th February
The Tsarina's Stew 1st February
Not quite an Irish Stew 1st February
Baghdad 'Hot Pot' 25th January
Spicy Lamb and Herb balls 19th January
Kheema Mutter (lamb and peas) 10th January
Shepherd's Rolls 19th December
Stuffed lamb's hearts 15th December
Casserole of lambs' hearts 15th December
Chilled Lamb 14th December
Lamb-stuffed Courgettes 5th December
Harem Hash 2nd December
For the Sultan's Pleasure 24th November
French Lamb Casserole 22nd November
Hob-top Lamb and Chickpeas 27th October
Almost Arabian Lamb 27th October
Lamb and Ale soup 4th October
Moroccan Meatballs 3rd October
Lamb Meatballs 27th September
Buffet Meatballs 7th September
Bobotie 28th June (also 12th July and 9th May 2007)
Lamb Kebabs 23rd March
Lamb Shanks 16th March
Spicy Lamburgers 4th March
Carajaca (lamb's liver): 18th Feb.
Moroccan Lamb with Couscous 15th February
Devilled Lambs’ Kidneys 29th January
Caribbean Lamb 24th January
Cuts of Lamb/cooking 24th January
Lamb Salad with Mushrooms and Mint dressing 24th January
Stuffed Lamb with Plums 24th January
Rustic Lamb 23rd July
Bobotie 121th July (also 28th June 2008)
Shepherd’s Pie 3rd July
Little Lamb Pies 3 July
Bobotie 9th May
Spring Lamb Salad 9th April
Poitrine d’Agneau au Chou 5th October.