Friday, March 20, 2009

Recipes for PORK, HAM and BACON. In date order
basic Roast Pork Casserole: 11th May (plus 3 variations)
Somerset Pork Hot-Pot: 4th May
Pork and Swede Hot Pot 23rd March
Cheesey Chops with Crispy Spuds 19th March
Slow roasted Belly Pork 15th March
Casserole of Lentils with Belly Pork 9th March
Empanadillos de Pollo (pork, ham and chicken): 7th March
Chorizo wrapped in Bread and Leaves: 7th March
Chorizo in Puff Pastry: 7th March
Roast Pork with Spicy Apricot Stuffing 1st March
Normandy Pork with ginger and cashew nut stuffing:1st March
Stefatho 1st March
Pork, Liver and Bacon Terrine 23rd February
Pork with Pease Pudding 16th February
Pork Vindaloo 3rd February
Braised Pork with Orange 15th January
Easy Cassoulet 16th January
Cheesy Pork Fritters 5th December
Ham (pork) Hash 5th December
Faggots: 27th Oct.
Pork Pie 28th September
Pork Galantine 13th September
“Pork that Stains the Tablecloth” 17th August
Pork Balls with Mint 9th August
Pork and Nut Terrine (F) 24th July
Oriental Pork Noodlescosting 10th July
Country Pork and Apple Pie 16th May
Spicy Pork Sate 11th April
Pork ‘n Beans with Sweetcorn 8th April
Fruity Porkburgers 4th March
Canary Chorizo (to make): 18th Feb.
Hampshire Haslet 16th February
Sweet and Sour Spare Rib(s) 14th February
Pork Stuffed Mushrooms 23rd January
Pork Tourtiere 23rd January
Cuts of Pork/cooking 23rd January
Pork Chops with Apple and Mustard Sauce 18th January
Pork Meatballs in a Spicy Sauce 18th January
Chinese Pork Broth 15th January
Parmesan Pork with Red Apple Cabbage 19th December
Marguez Spicy Sausages 15th October
Maple Pork with Sage 20th September
Pork Gravy 18th August
Chinese Pork Stir-fry 30th June
Rillettes du Porc 15th June
Minted Pork Nuggets with Broad Beans 12th June
Sweet and Sour Pork 21st April *
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie 24th February
Pork Roasting Temperature Guide 11th February
The Goode Cassoulet 25th January
Pork Chop Melts 21st January
Pork Balls with Pasta 29th November
Rolled Gammon with Apricot Stuffing: 4th May
Pea and Ham Soup 2nd Jan
Ham Scramble 31st Dec.
Ham Hash 5th Dec.
Ham and Egg 'Squeak' 29th Nov.
Wham, Bam, thank you Mam Ham Loaf 27th Nov.
Ham and Salad Spread 27th Nov.
Quick Cassoulet 27th Nov.
Rice and Ham Balls 4th Nov.
Ham and Pineapple Melt 4th Nov.
Pasta Carbonara 19th Oct.
Ham Rollups 4th August *
Chicken Salad with Ham and Nectarines 31st July
Chicken Salad with Pesto and Parma Ham 15th July
Carbonara di Salsiccia 22nd April
Tipsy Ham, Mushroom and Cranberry Sauce 4th April
Celery and Ham Mousse 15th February
Pea and Ham Pasta 6th Dec.
Mini Cheese and Ham Quiches 17th Nov.
Chargrilled Figs with Parma Ham 21st Sept.
Yesterday's Ham and Game Appetiser 10th Sept.
Ham, Spinach and Cheese Rollups 14th April *
Ham and Cheddar 25th February
Spicy Ham and Beans 4th Feb.
Pasta, Peas and Home-cooked Ham 14th Jan.
Croque Monsieur et Mesdames 13th Jan.
Bacon wrapped Apricots with Thyme: 21st March
Pork, Liver and Bacon Terrine 23rd Feb.
No-crust Corn and Bacon Chowder 15th Feb.
Chicken, Lentil and Bacon 22nd Jan.
Rabbit and Bacon Pie: 15th Dec.
Liver, Bacon and Apple:13th Dec.
Lamb Patties with Bacon Collar: 5th Dec.
Bacon Dumpling Soup: 19th Nov.
Bacon and Tomato Rolls: 31st Oct.
Cheese-stuffed Prawns with Bacon: 31st Oct.
Pasta Carbonara: 19th Oct.
Upsey Downsey Bacon Pie: 9th Oct.
Bacon Roly Poly: 30th Sept. **
Bacon Pizza: 30th Sept.
Lentil Soup with Bacon: 18th Sept.
Bacon Dumplings: 15th August
Mushroom and Bacon Parcels: 18th July
Liver, Bacon, Cabbage and Potatoes (method) 11th July
The Ultimate B.L.T.: 23rd June
Aberdeen Sausages 13th April
Cheese Pancakes with Bacon and Tomatoes: 4th March
Cabbage and Bacon Bake: 17th Jan.
Sausage and Bacon Rolls: 8th Nov.
Chicken and Bacon Pasties: 5th Nov
21st Century English Breakfast: 7th Oct.
Potato and Bacon Salad: 3rd Sept.
Savoury Sweetcorn and Bacon Muffins: 31st July
Sausages with Bacon and Cheese: 15th July
Bacon Hot Pot: 27th June
Pasta Carbonara: 25th Jan.
Bacon Hashed Potatoes: 19th Jan.