Sunday, March 22, 2009

CHICKEN recipes.


Chicken and Mushroom Pie (filo): 13th May

Oriental Chicken: 6th May

Casserole of Chicken and Sweetcorn 30th Dec.
Chicken Meatballs 18th Dec.
Chicken Terrine 18th Dec.
No-need-to-cook Chicken Quiche 11th Dec.
Macaroni Chicken 11th Dec.
Chicken open sandwiches 1oth Dec.
Quick Cassoulet 27th Nov.
Chicken in a Tuna Sauce 25th Nov.
Rather Special Chicken Rolls 24th Nov,
Chicken Breasts 23rd Nov
Chicken with Green Lentils 23rd Nov.

Micro-sauced and grilled Chicken: 23rd Nov.
Chicken Drumsticks - 5 different coatings 18th Oct.
Rosy Sauced Chicken and Mushrooms 3rd Oct.
Chicken Croquettes 13th Sept
Creamed Chicken Moulds 11th Sept
Buffet Meatballs 7th Sept
Chicken and Broccoli Terrine 16th Aug.
Quick Chicken Casserole 4th Aug.
Cheat's Coc au Vin 26th July
Chicken and Mushroom Pasta 15th July
Parmesan and Pesto Chicken 15th July
Hob Top Chicken 4th July
Chicken Mousse 24th June
Stuffed Chunky Chicken Rolls 23rd June
Crispy Chicken Nibbles 7th May
Creamy Chicken and Sweetcorn Pasta 7th May
Crumbed Chicken 19th April
Chicken Pancake Rolls (F) 11th April
Spicy Chicken with Cabbage 7th April
Chicken Tetrazzini 23rd March
Chicken Wraps 23rd March
Chicken Risotto 21st March
Chicken Club Sandwich 13th March
Vegetable Gratin with Chicken 12th March
Crispy Lemon Chicken 15th Feb.
Chicken Brunswick 12th Feb.
Chicken and Sweetcorn 25th Jan.
Baked Chicken with Stilton and Walnut 15th Jan
Sticky Skewered Chicken 7th Dec.
Baked Chicken - plus 23rd Nov
Chicken Escalopes with Orange 23rd Nov
Mustardy Chicken Goujons 16th Nov
Chicken Casserole 4th Nov
"We're Having a Party" Chicken 4th Nov.
Oven-fried Cheesey Chicken 15th Oct.
Chicken, Rice and Bacon 15th Oct.
Creamy Chicken with Pumpkin 12th Oct.
Devilled Chicken 10th Sept.
Chicken with Lemon, Honey and garlic 4th Sept.
Chicken and Vegetable Fricasee 2nd Sept
Coops and Drupes (Chicken and Plums) 28th Aug.
Gingered Chicken with Apricots 16th July
Lemony Chicken Stir-Fry 16th July
Herby Chicken Skewers with Peanut Noodles 8th July
"Cock a Goode'll Do 1st May
The Goode Cassoulet 25th Jan,
Chicken Escalopes 23rd Jan
Lemon and Honey Escalopes 23rd Jan.
Chicken and Cheese Pancakes 30th Dec.
Lemon Chicken 28th Dec.
Chicken and Butterbean Casserole 3rd Nov.
Chicken Meatballs (F) 26th Sept.
Chicken Terrine 26th Sept.
Shirley's Lemon Chicken 22nd Sept
Chicken Escalopes 17th Sept