Friday, March 27, 2009

Masterclass: Pasta (home-made pasta): 4th April '09
Spaghetti with Lemon and Prawns: 5th April
Ravioli stuffed with cheese: 4th April
Pilchard Pasta: 6th Dec. Pasta Eggs Lyonnaise: 25th Nov.
Assorted Greens and Pasta: 16th Nov. Pasta Bake: 17th Nov.
Mixed Green Bean Pasta Pot: 4th Nov.
Easy-Peasy Vegetable Pasta Bake: 1st Nov.
Spaghetti with Boozy Smoked Salmon Sauce: 19th Oct.
Pasta Carbonara: 19th Oct. Pasta and Beef Layer: 27th Sept.
Cannelloni: 9th August Chicken/Mushroom Pasta: 15th July
Lemon/Olive flavoured Pasta: 13th July
Prawn, Corn and Bean Pasta: 13th July

Lasagne: 15th July Pasta with Spinach and...: 11th July
Pasta Pronto - basic suggestions: 7th July
Pasta Napolitana: 5th July Macaroni Cheese: 4th June
Lunchbox Pasta: 3rd June New Potatoes Peas Pasta: 31st May
Warm Pasta with..flavours: 30th May Curried Pasta: 20th May
Creamy Chicken and Corn Pasta: 7th May
Pasta and Bean Salad with Yogurt dressing: 4th May
Carbonara Salsiccia: 22nd April Pasta/Blue Cheese: 3rd April
Lemon Pasta with Prawns and Parsley: 23rd March
Neapolitan Meat Pasta: 11th Feb.
Blue Cheese Pasta with Broccoli and Bacon: 8th Feb.
Roasted Veg Pasta: 18th Feb. Tuna/Pasta Salad: 18th Jan.
Easy Sausage Pasta: 23rd Dec. Pea and Ham Pasta: 6th Dec.
Veg Tagliatelli: 9th Nov. Beetroot Salad with Pasta: 29th Oct.
Jumbo Stuffed Shells: 18th Oct. L. Tuna with Pasta: 16th Oct.
Pumpkin Pasta to Please: 12th Oct.
Pasta with Creamy Cheese Walnuts: 9th Oct.
Almost instant meat balls with Pasta: 1st Oct.
Mackerel and Broccoli Pasta: 23rd August
Pasta with Melting Cheese Sauce: 6th August
Seasonal Tagliatelli: 23rd July Gr. Beans with Pasta: 2nd July
Tunisian Macaroni: 30th June
Pasta with Leek and Blue Cheese Sauce: 20th June
Creamy Tuna Shells: 9th April Pasta Carbonara: 26th Jan.
Creamy Butternut and Herb Pasta: 10th Jan.
Tuna Pasta Bake: 8th Jan.
Beef and Pasta Bake: 6th Dec. Pork B.. with Pasta: 29th Nov.