Friday, March 27, 2009

RICE DISHES - savoury:
(curries have their own listing)
Dinosaur Eggs: 2nd April
Quinoa Prawn and Broad Bean Risotto: 21st Feb.
Koulibiac: 19th Feb, Kidney Risotto: 13th Feb.
Lamb Strogonoff: 13th Feb.
Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Soup: 12th Dec.
Pauper's Strogonoff: 8th Dec. Chicken and Saffron Rice: 1st Dec.
Rice and Bean Casserole: 7thNov. Spice 'n Rice Soup 4th Nov.
Rice and Ham Bake: 4th Nov.
Vegetable Risotto with Peanut Sauce: 4th Nov.
Asian Cheese Rice: 13th Sept.
Squash, Barley and Pepper Risotto: 12th Sept.
Rice Patties: 8th August. Speedy Rice Supper: 26th July
Courgette and Mushroom Strogonoff: 26th July
Butternut Risotto: 20th July
Oriental Spiced Rice with Prawns: 11th July
Chicken Liver Risotto: 20th June Hob Top Spicy Rice: 3rd June
Quick Kedgeree: 20th May Sushi Rice: 9th May
Roasted Pepper Rice Tarts: 1st May
Moors and Christians (rice and beans): 24th April
Green Veg Risotto: 22nd April Green Risotto Rice 3rd April
Coronation Chicken with Rice: 25th Feb.
Indian Rice Omelette: 14th Feb. Persian Pilaf: 18th Jan,
Crab, Corn and Rice Timbales: 17th Jan.
Chinese Beef with Sticky Rice: 16th Jan.
Cheese and Mushroom Risotto Patties: 16th Jan.
Riz au Chou (cabbage risotto): 30th Dec.
Easy Fish Risotto: 22nd Dec. Indian Cheese and Rice: 30th Nov.
Green Rice: 27th Nov. Peanut Paella: 12th Nov.
Kedgeree to Beat all Others: 6th Nov. Mexican Soup: 27th Oct.
Jambalaya Risotto Fish Dish: 17th Oct.
Chicken, Rice and Beans: 15th Oct. Veg Fried Rice: 7th Oct.
Pepperoni and Peas Fried Rice: 30th Sept.
Kedgeree: 16th July Spring Risotto: 9th May
Kipper Kedgeree: 23rd Feb. Jambalaya: 4th Feb.
Roman Risi e Bisi: 19th Jan.
Tuna rice and...: 13th Jan. Poor Man's paella: 1st Jan.
Tuna-Rice Creole: 29th Dec.