Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Chat

Regarding suggestions of sharing a meal with my neighbour.  Have thought about it, but my friendly neighbour is very picky about her food, also (this happens a lot) it is very difficult to get people to come and eat a meal because they always seem to feel obliged to ask me back and - as I can't climb stairs and they usually don't wish to cook 'for a cook' if you know what I mean - this means they prefer to take me out for a meal in return and then the cost of that lies heavy on my conscious. 

We used to get around this problem by inviting quite a few neighbours, at least once a year, usually for a barbecue in the garden, this they seemed to be able to cope with without a return invitation, and maybe I will do that again, trouble is it was always B who did the cooking on the Barbie.  I do love cooking for people, but at the moment feel enjoyment comes more from sitting down and having food brought to me (for a change).

Am now losing at least 1lb a day (water mainly), so the increased meds are working well.  Makes me feel so much better.  However, have had a couple of almost sleepless nights since Saturday, don't know why.  Sprinkled a bit of lavender oil over my pillow in the wee small hours of this morning and that seemed to work, so I did get a few hours sleep, but then up early and ready to sit at the comp and blog.

Am finding one or two advantages of living alone, but of course would go back to the old ways if I had the chance.  One thing was the problem of our very narrow galley kitchen (it widens out at one end), and when I wish to check contents of the freezer/s and fridge, need to sit in front of it moving out most of the foods, wiping it down and then putting it back.   The only way I can do this easily is to put the food on a trolley, and when that is by my side there is no room for anyone else to move up and down the kitchen.  Now there is no one else to do this the trolley - when cleared - can be pushed back up against the back door leaving room for the fridge doors to open easily.

When Tesco deliver I can move the trolley back towards the fridge and put the bags of food on trolley shelves, then - when the frozen and chilled have been put away - the remainder- still in bags - can be pushed down the length of the kitchen, round the table, up the other side and into the larder.  Now it will be so much easier for me.  Every cloud.....as they say.

Have not yet decided what type of 'fire' I will be purchasing (if any).  First I have to clear the space, then move the furniture into other rooms, giving some to St. John's Hospice where they sell it to get funds, however do hope to get the fire soon while it is still'winter, then I will gain more pleasure from sitting and looking at it. 

These past few days I've been watching TV programmes about gardening, and it is inspiring me to fill the borders with lots of colour and particularly flowers that have plenty of perfume.   Then, if we get a good summer again (it was good here in Morecambe last year) I can sit outside and enjoy the warmth, maybe with a plate of home-made scones, home-made jam, and clotted cream by my side, plus a pot of tea (or why not a glass of wine?).  There is something to be said for spoiling myself.  B certainly has always been given more than his share, I'll just be catching up a bit.

It's a month since I sent my last order to Tesco, so am writing another to be delivered tomorrow. Like last time, at least half the order will be non-foods, and of course the total cost will also be much lower than it used to be.  There is still plenty of food in store in the Goode kitchen, mainly bought for B (and not always what I prefer to eat myself), but am sure I will manage to work my way through it. 

At the moment tend to crave fresh fruit and veggies, plus fruit juices.  Have gone off eating protein, but know I should have some, so do eat some fish (esp. oily fish), eggs, and chicken.  Fond also of cheese, however have lost my appetite for most foods, and even served on a smaller plate or dish, find it too much.  That's not like me, but it should be if I want to reduce my weight, so will see if I can keep to smaller portions. 

As most of my days are now sorting out what can be thrown/given away, there is not much foodie chat to write about. Hope you don't mind and am sure I will soon become more interested again.  I do watch many of the cookery progs, particularly fond of the new afternoon series with James Martin (in his own kitchen).

Will sign off now.  Tomorrow should be a Tesco delivery, Thursday will be out with my daughter as need to buy new shoes, but will try to fit in another blog before this week is over.  So watch this space. TTFN.