Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back Again for a Chat

For almost the last eight years I've written my blog every day give or take a day or two off for Christmas etc.  Now, all of a sudden, with more time on my hands - as I thought - I find blogging is now not the first thing I do, with usually so much more to deal with that it doesn't get done at all.

For this I apologise, but am sure you understand that the last 3 months (4 - 5 if you include my arthritis and heart failure), have filled my life with more than I could handle.  No sooner does one thing happen and then begin to get better, another falls into my lap, and so it continues.  But I am coping and this is something I'm happy about for my one wish is not to be surrounded by 'carers' but to keep as independent as possible and never, EVER end up as 'a burden' to my family.

It is amazing how what seems like a difficulty can be sorted when thought is given to it.   I've got very good at lifting my right leg onto my high bed, followed by my left leg.  Previously I used to have to drag myself on holding onto the metal bedhead, but now all I need to do is sit on the side, turn my walking stick upside down, put my right foot into the handle-hook (using it as a stirrup) and then pull up the stick and do the same with my other leg. Easy peasy.

All of a sudden the various societies have suddenly realised I need some of their supports, so they have contacted me.  Nothing runs smoothly,  they left one important contraption at the wrong door (patio door instead of back door) but luckily phoned me to see if it had arrived, so that was sorted - at least until I went to use it and found the most useful piece they had forgotten to include, so that meant another delivery....!!!!  Anyway it was sorted.  More to come this week, don't know which day, they will phone me.  Deliveries could be between 9 - 12 or 12 - 6 so this limits me a bit when it comes to other commitments (blogging etc).  
Thursday at 9.00am the Occupational Therapist will be calling (about time!!), so hopefully I'll be able to get the necessary grab handles fitted by the steps leading from the outer doors.   Plus a few other bits and bobs.

Should be visiting the health centre to see the Diabetic nurse this coming Monday, but if the weather is bad (snow forecast) may have to postpone it as I've twisted my foot somehow (this has happened several time over my adult lifetime, it always gets better) and can only walk a few yards with sticks, a few more yards with the help of my walking frame.  OK around the house, but no good at the health centre as there are long passages to travel down and that is after crossing the large waiting room. The nurse has all the results of the tests, so maybe able to talk over the phone, or she could visit me.

Thank you for your comments, and thank to Eileen for letting you know I have been busy these last few days.  Am still busy but determined to grab a few minutes to let you know I am still here.

Was very interested in your son's budgeting plans Ray.  Wonder which he will choose, or he may do all of them. Let me know how he gets on.  Even using Jack Monroe's pricings, he could still lower the costs as she sometimes pays more for her products than I do.  On the other hand she makes some really cheap 'eats'.  Doesn't matter where we get our ideas from, all we hope to do is make the most of the little we have and for the lowest cost.

For days I've been trying to remember the grain similar to tapioca, and so thanks to Jane Hurd, I now know it is Sago, and yes, I do remember Rice Cremola.   Are any of these three products still on sale, and if so where? Have eaten a tapioca pudding-dessert a couple or so years ago at a Thai restaurant in Lancaster, served with fruit (can't remember which fruit) and I really enjoyed it.

Well, it seems we are due for some snow if the forecast is correct, probably from Thursday onwards. The Eastern states in the USA were forecast a blizzard with all transport to keep off the roads other than the essentials.  Turned out the snowfall wasn't as bad as expected - at least in N.York city, although the rest of that state might have had more, but with people and children staying away from work/school, they had a fun day today playing in the snow. 

As I've still lost my appetite, at least not wanting to eat very much when I do make something for myself, I've now managed to lose over a stone in less than 2 weeks. so feeling much lighter.  This means I've still got plenty of food in the fridge, freezers, and the larder, so no need for me to stock up. Even got plenty of UHT milk (as well as 4 pints of fresh semi-skimmed), plus bottles of orange and lemon squash, not to mention tap water (I drink mainly tap water these days). Also 18 eggs, so any adverse weather doesn't worry me. 

Not sure when I'll be blogging again this week due to the several 'callers' and equipment expected, also have laid out my paints and canvas boards ready to start painting again, and once I make a start nothing, absolutely NOTHING is allowed to interrupt me.  So once the day's callers have been and gone, I will start painting, thermos of coffee at my side.  Blogs will have to wait. 

But who knows - the muse may not strike and I will be left twiddling my fingers.  So maybe there will be a blog or two sooner than expected.  
However - Steve, who has just discovered an email I sent to him re a photo I wanted him to put on this blog (just to show you what I looked like a long time ago), has written to email me a copy to see if it is picture I meant.  It is, and so hope he will publish it as a 'fill-in' between my blogs.  Suppose you could call it a 'selfie' of B and me', 'selfies being the fashion these days I believe. So why not?  Just ignore the fact that there is over 60 years between that and any taken now.  Still feel much as I did then.  Doesn't time fly?

Hope you all manage to keep warm as the weather turns colder.  I'll be blogging again, not sure what day, but promise I will do so when I find time (I go to bed early when it is cold).  TTFN.