Thursday, May 07, 2015

Quick chat....

As I'm sitting by the comp (as needed to use the land line phone rather than mobile - cheaper!) thought I'd read comments and write a short blog.

Have given in to pressure from family and nurses and today am meeting up with someone who can tell me more about having a carer.  In actuality, the only time I do need help is a time when I might have problems re getting up/falling etc.  Can't put a set time on that one, and even if I had one of those things round my neck to phone for help, they would phone my next of kin (daughter in Lancaster) first, and it this I would try to avoid - she has a lot on her plate without my pinch of salt being the last straw.    Will just have to wait and see what can be arranged with carers.

Am going to try to have more friends round just to have someone to chat to (plus home-made cake and biscuits etc.)  Problem has recently been I never know what time the district nurses will come, usually morning but sometimes afternoon, and as they can be here for at least 30 mins this messes up visits from friends.

As ever, thanks so much for the comments that have been sent in.  Our front garden is now looking good with all the bluebells, the Acer in the back garden a lovely copper colour.  A lovely time of year. Just wish I could get out into the garden and sit in the sun.   The cellulitis is just above and also below the back of my left knee, what they call 'superficial' now, but exposed nerve endings mean any movement/walking is so painful that I try to avoid it.

Doctor visited me yesterday, am never going to be the healthy girl I once was. But at my age what else can I expect?  She forgot to give me a new prescription (for pills she had taken off the repeat 'scrip in case different ones were needed, but the blood test showed I can still use the same ) so I've had to get that sorted before this weekend or I'll have run out.  Our local pharmacy will collect the prescription tomorrow from one of the many surgeries in our group and deliver them to my home.  So that's sorted.

Life is getting to be a bit of a bore, other times I'm either on a high or in deep depression. Just need something to get me interested again.   Was going to start painting this afternoon, but of course now the 'carer' is coming I need to be free to chat to her.  When I paint I need to continue all day if poss, any distraction breaks my concentration.   It will all get sorted - eventually. 

At least managed to bake myself a couple of small loaves of bread this morning. Started early so that the nurse wouldn't overlap the baking time.  Out of the oven 15 minutes before she came - thank goodness. Much prefer home-made bread, shop bread makes me very bloated. 

Watched Greg Wallace involved with the commercial side of bread-making, from wheat to assorted flours onto making the rolls then loaves of bread.    Also saw a bit about chocolate - think it was Kit-Kat they ended up with.  Some good foodie progs on at the moment although I tend to nod when not that interesting. 

Carer-for-a-chat coming in half an hour so had better get myself prepared  and see if we can come to some arrangement that will please everyone.  The cost does not bother me - I have been allowed a good attendance allowance that will be more than enough for the small amount of 'care' needed.

Will blog again a.s.a.p. so watch this space.... TTFN..