Tuesday, April 07, 2015

\It Was Ever Thus....!

Goes without saying that as soon as I get over one thing, something else hits me.  This time I have a flare up of cellulitis in both legs.  District Nurse comes each day. House call from doctor prescribed penicillin that didn't work, so when it got to Good Friday the emergency doctor (via a phone link) prescribed strong anti-b's but the only pharmacy open that had these was in Lancaster, closing at 1.00am.
Prescription faxed through, daughter went to fetch them, pharmacy closed.  They had given the wrong address.  To cut a long story short and lots of phone calls, daughter managed to trace the correct place but they didn't have enough pills, so she brought what they had and will have to return to get the rest today/tomorrow.

New pills seem to be holding the cellulitis at bay, but I'm uncertain as to whether I need even stronger dose, but will leave it in the good hands of the nurse etc.  otherwise I feel quite well.

Much of the time I have to rest in bed so that I can keep my feet elevated, so will refrain from blogging/checking emails etc until there is a definite improvement.

Yesterday did manage to watch the biopic of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Life after the Prairie...) and have to say there was very little in it that matched what I'd been seeing in the 'Little House..... series.  In fact the winter weather was so bad the Ingalls family used to close up their home and move to the very small township (no mention of Walnut Grove) to a wooden hut to live until the weather improved. The 'mercantile' (if that is what it was called) was not owned by the Olsens, and as for Pa (Charles Ingalls) he really didn't seem as nice a man as he was in the series.

Anyway, time for me to go and put my feet up and wait for the nurse to come and check my legs, what happens next is in the hands of fate.  Hope to be back blogging sooner than later.
Perhaps we were meant to see the bad side of Laura's life in the biopic.