Monday, March 16, 2015

Week Begins...

Firstly, must apologise to Cherry Baby (to whom we give a big welcome), for not replying before Mother's Day.  I was tied up with visitors and being very tired on Saturday decided to wait until this week before I did my next blog, so did not see the request for brunch ideas until too late.  I feel very guilty for being so lax - I really should have checked the comments.  Will do so in future.

The price of pony carrots by the sack (referred to by Kathryn) is very much cheaper than the 'value' carrots (1.5kg) sold at Tesco, so always worth taking a look to see what we can buy in bulk, sharing with family, friends and neighbours if necessary. 

When I used to take my friend to Tesco's (in Leeds) we often shared food that we would normally both buy.  We would divide in half (if necessary) when I took her home and we sat and had coffee and prided ourselves on saving so much money doing this.  If there was a Bogof of bags of potatoes, one of us would get them, then we each would take a bag and pay back half price to the one who bought it.  Same with the very large veg such as whole white cabbage (cut in half), cauliflower (ditto), heads of celery, bags of value carrots/onions etc. Anything that was sold by the unit (rather than weight), so we chose the largest/heaviest and any Bogof we would normally use, and ended up quids in.

Thanks to Karen and Joitsie for their comments.  Yesterday I felt so much better (after weeks of not) and certainly well enough to go out, so my daughter took me for a drive.  Still finding it a bit difficult to walk, so although I did take the walking frame with me (and two walking sticks) decided to stay in the car, but thoroughly enjoyed the drive through the local countryside seeing all the crocus and daffs in full bloom.

This was the first time I'd been out of the house other than funeral, hospital, medical centre since late October last year, so this made it even more enjoyable.  We ate fish and chips in the car, followed by strawberry ice-cream. 
Today I again feel fairly 'with it', so able to deal with what needs to be done around the house.  I've just learned that the Sailing Club 'do' this next Saturday expect 100 visitors, so I'll be busy making lots and lots of desserts.  Thankfully, most of them can be made up to 2 days ahead as long as kept chilled (they improve with keeping).  Just keeping my fingers crossed I'll not get a 'relapse', and will be laying out all the dry ingredients ready to use, and keeping the others (together) chilled in the fridge so no need to rush around trying to find them when I am ready to assemble. 

This means that towards the end of the week inc Sat (the 'do' is during the evening), I'll probably be too busy to blog, as much of that day I'll be putting the final touches to the desserts. Should be able to catch up on Sunday.  Believe there is to be an eclipse of the sun on Friday, but this shouldn't stop me working in the kitchen.
The following weekend the hour goes forward and it will then really feel like spring.  Wonder if we will get a heat-wave early April as we seem to have had these past few years.  Do hope so.  TTFN.