Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Catching Up Again...!

Seems ages since my last blog, but these past weeks have been diffficult with my cellulitis flaring up again.  Now have to have the nurses visit every day and occasionally a doctor to prescribe more anti-bs.  Let us hope the new ones (delivered today) will work, if not it may have to be hospital for intravenous drips or I could have these at home (prefer home).  Otherwise I feel well enough in myself.

As you can tell, I've not really been feeling like blogging, although I do miss our almost daily get together.

With the help of some of the family last weekend, we (well I watched) move furniture around, loads of rubbish taken to the tip, moved the huge table from the conservatory to the living room (where the table now looks quite small), so now I have a 'sun-room' to sit in.
The gardener started work yesterday and got quite a lot done in two hours, if the weather stays fine (drizzle doesn't matter), he will be back again next week for a couple of hours.

Despite my believe I had lifted all spring bulbs from the containers (and never got a chance to replant this autumn) have seen a few daffs and tulips nodding their heads to me as I gaze out of the back windows, so they are good to see.

Haven't even watched much TV and completely gone off watching 'Little House....' due to the 'true story of Laura Ingalls Wilder', not quite sure which to believe, they are both so different.  The Ingalls family seemed to have lived in Iowa, Kansas, Dakota, and other places, with no mention of Walnut Grove that I believed was in Minnesota (no mention of that either).
However the other day did watch 'Highway to Heaven' where Mr.Oleson (mercantile at Walnut Grove) played the part of a doctor.  Seems that Michael Landon uses a lot of the Little House actors in the 'Highway....' series.

Good foodie progs on TV last week, the '90's in Back Home for Dinner, and this week the last of the series with a look to the future where we will probably be eating worms and locusts!!!

After last week's episode there was an excellent prog again about food although I missed some of it due to texting.  One very interesting thing is that if we lay out mushrooms (normally grown in the dark so get no sun anyway) in a single layer in full sun (indoors or out) and leave them for one hour, they will absorb a lot of Vit. D.   Even when returning them to their bag/punnet in the freezer, they still retain this vitamin.
Also that given the choice of three drinks to have after extreme exertion (two hours cycling), to prevent dehydration, the drinks being: water, sports drink, milk.... everyone chose the water (as I did), but apparently milk is the very best as it has other things (electrolytes) that our body needs.

In 'Jimmy's Food Unwrapped' and interesting bit about bottled mineral water.  Apparently the south-eastern side of this country has a lot of calcium in tap water, more than we need (the west doesn't have enough), and as far as I understood, bottled (?) mineral water is fairly well balanced although not all are the same.   My preference is Highland Spring Water.

Another beautiful day, still a bit chilly at night (frost in some areas), but the usual 'end of April' sunshine that we have been having for the past few years although then the temperature was a lot higher.  We are told it will become colder again this weekend with the chance of showers (we need them to water the garden).    The pear blossom is just coming out, but as close to our garage that reflects back the heat it gains during the day, the pear tree should be free of frost.  Not that I care much at the moment.  I just want my leg to get better.

Have to now phone the surgery to get the results of my blood test - that took four goes - two in each elbow crease with nothing to show for it (veins collapsed - but then they always do).  Must be blood there as I have huge black bruised where the attempts were), eventually (after three days a specialist nurse came and took blood from the back of my hand (hurt more but not a lot) - and successfully this time.  Let us hope this does not give more bad news.

As I never know what time the district nurses will arrive, usually I won't blog until they have been, so as Thursday afternoon my daughter will be here, my neighbour on Friday, family again on Saturday, not sure if I will be blogging before next week - could be I will end up in hospital, but if a big delay again I will let Eileen know so she can keep you informed.   Back as soon as possible of course, and many thanks to all of you who have sent in comments. xx  TTFN