Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Just a short blog as I'm at the comp anyway....
As ever, thanks for comments.  Interesting about the photo, styles and fashions change,  what seems attractive now, wasn't fifty years ago. 

Must say I enjoy watching 'Call the Midwife' for it reminds me so much of my mid twenties.  They mentioned Civil Defence in the recent episode, and I joined that in 1959 I think.   Otherwise all the clothes and hairstyles, prams and babies were exactly as they were at that time, it could have been me wearing the dresses and pushing those prams.

If you have several freezers full of food jane, then worth working through at least three of them as although frozen food does keep well, after about 6 months (sometimes 3 months) the flavour, esp if not vacuum packed, can reduce
Know what you mean about being tempted by Bogofs, and reduced price stickers.  That's why they are there - to get us to spend/buy more than we need.  Been there, done that myself.   Since doing my shopping on-line (Tesco), find I am not tempted nearly so often, and even if I have been, have allowed a day or two before delivery so that I have time to remove these items from my 'shopping basket'.  That way I succumb to temptation, but have time to realise I didn't  need things after all.

Sounds pretty cold where you are Margie, and although you do have UHT milk, there is nothing like fresh bread (especially when you haven't any).  Have you thought of buying/storing a few packs of bread mix so that you can make your own bread/rolls?  I make the bread using half milk half water and it really is very good.
Think the best meal for lunch on a cold day is a big bowl of homemade chunky soup.  My favourite being basic mixed veg (carrots, parsnips, onions, celery, potatoes) with a base of home-made chicken stock' and in the depths of winter usually add some pearl barley to give added bulk.
I do have other root veg and butternut squash, but find the 'basic' has the most wonderful flavour, especially with some added pepper and a pinch of salt.  Maybe I'm too lazy to try other combinations, but as I find the above homemade really warms and cheers, why change it?

Watched Hairy Biker Dave travelling around Egypt in a new series yesterday evening.  Partly travel, partly history of the country, partly cookery, and the latter seemed to be mainly about the different breads made in the various regions.   The Falafel looked good, as did a few other dishes, but don't think we saw much about the 'how to make'.  Expect we will have to wait for the cook-book to be published to find out,  Or maybe the recipes will be on BBC.co.uk/food?  Think it is a different cook/chef for each episode of the series.

The emphasis seemed to be that the food was very simple, few ingredients but all were very fresh and local, and it made me think that perhaps we have gone a bit too far when it comes to cooking - preparing very complicated meals when really the traditional ones still taste the best and are easiest to make with - I stress - local ingredients.  In other words choose to use what is grown/reared close by.  Even better, grow our own.

Someone the other day sent a comment asking me what I would do with my 18 eggs.  As my daughter often stays for a light lunch, almost certainly these eggs would be used for a 3-egg omelette (each), probably adding grated cheese in the centre.  If we each ate 2 of these a week, the rest might be used for baking, or alternated days maybe I'd have poached egg on beans on toast.  Or Toad in the Hole....  As you can imagine, I use loads of eggs.

Another gorgeous sunny day today, but still very cold.  Lots of clearing up for me to do, so must get on and try and roll up most of the rugs before the Occ.Therapist comes on Friday. 
Had two of the larger pieces of equipment delivered yesterday (again at the wrong door), and they are getting in the way (we don't have THAT much room in parts of my home), and my daughter nearly tripped up over one of them.   It's no good supplying me with so much that tripping on a wheel becomes more dangerous than a rug that was there in the first place.   Wish I could get better quickly so that I can return a lot of the stuff.

Expecting to be busy both tomorrow and Friday, not yet sure what part of each day, but am hoping to write a short blog before the weekend if I can find time. So watch this space... TTFN..