Monday, February 02, 2015

Monday Quickie...

Glad you liked the photo.  It's not often I have one worth showing as it's not unknown for a photographer to take 100 pics before one turn up worth publishing (when I was doing media worth that is).  The camera really doesn't like me.

Suppose I didn't look that bad at the time the photo was taken.  Even then didn't like it as I'd grown up with the idea I was too tall, not pretty, wore glasses most of the time, and not at all in the style of the young ladies of that time.  My best friend (who I hated!!!) was about 5ft tall and looked exactly like Margaret Lockwood (some may remember her), so the lads used to flock around her like bees round a honey pot when we were out, and I stood on the side-lines towering over her.

In a way I've always considered myself downright ugly ("what a pity you look like your father" my beautiful mother used to say - and she truly was beautiful.  And "how dreadful you have to wear glasses"....), and words like that sort of stick.  Never mind, I got the man of my dreams, and he WAS good-looking, and I've decided I wasn't THAT bad after all, so thought you'd like to take a look.

Yesterday watched the repeat of that 'Eat Better for Less' (or whatever it is called), and although Greg Wallace is quite right when he says we should eat what we buy, not store it up 'like decorations', myself do feel we should keep some food always in store ready for an emergency such as extreme weather conditions.  It's no fun going out in very cold snowy weather to buy food when there is none in the cupboard.   The Booth family did go over the top though - seems they had over £1,000 worth of food in their cupboards, so we really don't need THAT much. 

Did anyone else notice how the Booth father's voice/accent was exactly like that of the man who played Dave (Denise's husband in the Royale Family?).

Still decent weather as I look through the window. But the forecast is for very cold, so am glad I'm indoors.  Yesterday evening I was even cold in the living room, and that with the central heating on.  Perhaps there was a draught.   I've noticed that if I put my feet up on the pouffe, it seems a few degrees warmer than at ground level.

The comment from jane - re her grandson not bearing the weight of bedclothes on his painful leg - reminded me of when I fell down a small flight of stairs and broke my big toe - not the toe that usually is painful (with gout?).  Didn't go to hospital (thank's mum!), so had several weeks of similar pain when I went to bed, couldn't bear the weight of sheets on the toe, so found a small and firm cardboard box, opened up both top and bottom, then slid this over my foot, draping the sheets over the top.  This kept my foot clear of any weight (I may have put a pad in the box to support my heel), and it took 6 weeks for the toe to heal and the pain to go, but it worked. 

Have not yet heard when the various appliances are being delivered/fitted this week (or maybe later) so have to keep most of each day clear.  Could be I'll be blogging tomorrow, just have to wait and see, but certainly am improving and managing to hobble around more easily as each day comes.  Things could be a lot worse (I keep telling myself), so as long as I can keep thinking positive, then my life should improve quite rapidly.  TTFN.