Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Lovely Day....

Looking out of the window it seems as thought spring has sprung.  They say that birds begin mating on Valentine's Day, and there are several pairs of birds visible in the garden, one pair being robins.
With wall to wall blue sky, and the temperature fairly mild  (or at least it feels like it), does that mean winter is on its way out? Let us hope so.

Thanks Les for reminding us that many pills we take should NOT be crushed/broken.  Details like this are usually mentioned on the instructions that come inside the pack, but how many of us bother to read them?  Luckily, most of my pills are very small and I tend to put all four into my mouth at the same time and wash them down with one good swill of water.  Except for one that needs eating with food.

Glad that you are finding large pills taken with a spoonful of jam/honey works well Alison, and believe that they slide down even better when taken with yogurt (less calories anyway). 

Doubt I'd be buying Asda beans Sairy as that is one store I haven't yet shopped at, although if my daughter goes, she could bring me in a couple of tins.  I used to prefer Branston Baked Beans but they seem more expensive than Heinz, and in any case my choice is now Heinz Five Beans as they seem tastier than their standard ones that we are used to.

One thing I'd like to ask readers (who have watched 'Eat Better for Less') - didn't I see Greg Wallace sampling fresh strawberries alongside a punnet of frozen ones?  Apparently the frozen ones were cheaper (could have got that wrong) and tasted even better, but I've always been under the impression that frozen strawberries collapsed to a mush when thawed.  The ones Greg ate looked exactly the same as the fresh.

A welcome/welcome back to Campfire, and also good to hear from you again Pam. Is Pancake Day celebrated in the US as it is here in the UK?  Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) is a global Christian festival, I believe called Mardi Gras (Greasy Tuesday)N in some countries, but not sure if pancakes play a part.

Not a lot on TV to appeal to me at the moment, ended up watching two programmes (on More 4?) last night, one on the Trojan Horse, followed by one on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Myself enjoy any programmes that deal with ancient history, so found them most interesting. 
Tonight 3 progs on at the same time (9.00pm) so will have to watch BBC1 (new series), miss Mr Selfridge, then watch the third prog (Channel 4) about life in India in the 30's, knocking it forward to watch an hour later (or is it knock it back - to Freeview 13). 
Many years ago I had a bridge partner who asked me to go on holiday with her.  She was a lot older than I was, but very young at heart and  had lived a most interesting life.  Her husband was a well-known and respected medical man/surgeon and when younger he worked in India, where they moved to Simla (c 1930) during the hot season (as the series above shows - living the life of Riley).  So it will be good to see the quality of life they had.  What she told me of her life in India was very much like the write-up of the series.

Anyway, must get on while in the mood.  Will be blogging again next week.  See you then.