Monday, September 08, 2014

Live and Let Live....

It's been an interesting few days as the comments sent it have caused more than usual reactions.  So again have to thank all who have sent in their opinions. 

What I have found delightful (perhaps only to me) is that Anonymous - who seems to have miles more knowledge of the world - does read my domestic level blog, and again appreciate his/her reply.  I looked up one of the links given hoping to find something about egg storage, but couldn't find it.  Being old-fashioned I'd still be likely to use the old ways (which I have mentioned before) rather than any ordained by the EU.

Have to say that the recommendations (or is it orders?) that I read about the housing of hens made me realise that I'm glad I'm not in any profession that needs EU ruling.  Obviously the one I read makes sense, but suppose it is the fact that we are told what to do by 'others' rather than use our own British rules. 
With the link I read, strangely there seemed nothing said about the breed of hens.  Only how many should be kept in a set area.  Hens can be fairly small and some very large, so the space should be determined by that.  Or perhaps my speed-reading missed that bit.

Trouble is Anonymous, me - being a housewife - gliding through life with just enough knowledge to get me through, is really all I need.  The minutiae I leave to those who specialise in maybe just one subject, and one thing I am sure is that most people in this country at grass roots level haven't the slightest idea what the EU does for us.  It may benefit the European mainland continent, but we are an island nation, very proud of its traditions and should be left alone other than to sell our products more easily through the Common Market.

Even this I find confusing, for it does seem that the majority of some products we import come from Asian countries that have no membership of the EU (India, China, Japan...).  We are also obliged (I believe) to employ people from European Nations - which we do - but this then leaves us with many unemployed British citizens who could have taken these jobs. Are these then expected to move abroad to take work on the continent? 

However, I don't wish this blog to end up as a political soap-box, but it has been good to allow ourselves to vent our feelings.  Myself can quite understand how Jane felt when she gave her reply, also to everyone else - including Anonymous who I feel has a great deal more knowledge of the way the world is run that I do.  We are all entitled to our own opinions, and if we don't always agree we are free to say so - if we wish.  If we were all of the same mind life would be very boring, so live and let live as the saying goes.  
Will check in my books re the hawthorn berries Jane.  Not that I'd be likely to use them anyway, but it is always good to know what 'free' foods are out there.   I've not tried damson jam with lamb, but it sounds good, and today made myself a chicken sandwich (remains of sliced roast chicken) adding red currant jelly that I mistakenly thought was cranberry sauce.  That too tasted very good.

Hope you soon feel better Ali.  When my mother went into hospital with a broken hip it was discovered she had pernicious anaemia. She often used to take iron pills as she always felt so tired, but like many in those days, she didn't have a yearly check at the doctor's so her anaemia was not discovered until too late. 

Annoying to have your shifts changed jane.  Do have a think before you decide to give in your notice as (not sure why) it is always easier to get another job while you still have one.  If you have time off 'sick', then maybe it is then a better job can be found.

We give a welcome to Ivy and my personal thanks as she is a lady who enjoys reading my blog. As I hope all readers do, so personal thanks to those also.
Also welcome to MagdaReuth, and her mention of 'top of the milk'.  How useful that used to be, and in summer there was always more cream at the top of the milk bottles than winter.  Channel Island milk had the most - and richest - cream and I used to siphon that off (using my turkey baster), and even made clotted cream with it - as well as butter.  Then I would add cooled boiled water to the rest of the C.I. milk in the bottle (sans cream) to make it up to a pint again, and even then the milk was still richer in flavour than the ordinary full-cream milk sold today.. 
I've seen bottles of Channel Island milk for sale in the supermarkets, but didn't notice whether it still had visible cream or whether it was homogenised (and is homogenisation an EU thing, or just what we Brits do?). 

Thanks to GrannyD (think another welcome due if not a misprint - we do have a Granny G). It's good that we can all have our say regardless of whether we agree with each other or not, and the occasional criticism does make us all sit up for a while with our feathers ruffled,  hackles rising and feet pawing the ground ready for any battle that might arise.   The saying (might have mentioned it recently) 'The cock crows but the hen delivers the goods' is so true, and probably the world would be a better place if it was run by mainly women.  Far fewer wars for a start.  But then I'm a woman, so would say that.

Today - another lovely day - went out with Norris and bought myself several balls of yarn to do more crochet, plus a pair of knitting needles to use up the chunky wool that is too thick to crochet easily.  I've already knitted up nearly one large ball. 
While on the shopping parade noticed (sadly) that another shop had a closing down sale.  This one was a toy shop, it was there when we moved here five years and two months ago.  What's the betting it ends up as an estate agent or something similar.  Will let you know.

Also called in to the chemist (sorry, they call it 'pharmacy' these days), and had a long chat with the chemist (pharmacist!!), bought a bottle of glucosomine which included that other that began with a 'c' (as recommended by readers) and also ordered some MSM (arriving mid-week).  Told these would all take a week or two before I felt any benefit, but as am already feeling a little benefit from the injection, it can only get better.  With any luck I will now be able to keep the arthritis under control and if it won't go away, hopefully won't get any worse.

It's now after midnight, so will trot off to bed and as I now feel much better am hoping to go to the church 'circle' meeting tomorrow, in which as I may have something interesting to write about tomorrow.  If not you'll have to make do with boring things like recipes.  TTFN.