Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Update

Thanks to those who wrote concerned about my knee.  Can't remember the name of the pills as they are in the bathroom at the moment.  Took the first last night, nothing happened other than I did have a good night's sleep, but up 3 times for the trip to the bathroom.  Pain as bad this morning as before, but understand it does take several days for the pills to have any effect.  Have just taken another and tomorrow will then take two each night.

Have to say though that during today I really felt a bit zombie-like, much of the time was asleep in my chair - could be the pills causing this?  Didn't come back to normal until early evening.  Needless to say I didn't go to the church meeting after all.

A sailing mate of B's left a big bag of Victoria plums on our back doorstep, all just at ripeness, so tomorrow will be stoning them and freezing them ready to turn into something when I feel a bit more like work.  Today even asked B to buy a loaf for toasting as I just couldn't be bothered to bake one form him, and that's a first.

This is just a short blog to keep in touch and to reply to comments.  And although I know that meringues can be made in the microwave Kate (have made them this way myself), they take LOADS more sugar than if making them the traditional way. 
Pleased that you sorted out the problem of too much butter in your potted meat, and including some stock would help to keep the meat moist.  Best to always use small pots when 'potting up', as once the surface layer of butter has been cut, this allows the air in and especially if stock has been used, the meat paste won't keep that well (always keep it in the fridge anyway).  Potted meat can be frozen, and if doing this you could omit the butter topping, just cover the small containers with a fitted circle of baking parchment and then foil or cling-film.  It is wise never to wrap any foods such as meat/fish directly with cling-film touching the flesh as this is not advised (some chemical reaction not good for us I understand).

As you say buttercup, it does seem as though the gods look down on us when we need their help.  The saying "the gods help those who help themselves" also rings true (although that doesn't mean shop-lifting etc).
Don't think that pumpkin seeds need hulling, just wash them to remove any flesh and stringy bits, then dry them off (roast) them in the oven, and store in airtight containers.  Readers may be able to give more details re this. 
Think it is sunflower seeds (with their black and white stripy seed cases) that need hulling, again would like to know more as I have three dried sunflowers that I'm loth to throw away as the seeds could be used (if not for us, at least for the birds this winter - and I could sow some to grow next year).

You may have already mentioned where you used to live when in England Mary, but your mention of you visiting your sister in Leicester made me perk up for as you probably know we used to live there (as a girl near Evington - and when married in Oadby).  Think it might have been you who did mention living in or near Evington.  Do hope it hasn't changed much since you moved, but according to my friend Gill, everything has now changed.   However, do hope you have a really love time when in England.
The weather is still fairly good, a bit breezy but not too much, quite a bit of sun, but as the wind is now coming down from the north before it swings to the east over Morecambe, the temperature has dropped quite a few degrees.   Quite a bit colder in the north of Scotland.
We may be lucky and have an Indian summer while you are here, we often do when autumn begins.

Nothing much worth mentioning except that B - moving from the living room to in here to watch a footie match, managed somehow to spill the contents of a large glass of red wine he had in his hand. All over the cream carpet in the middle hall (this is where I believe the stairs used to be when this was once a detached house - not that anyone cares, but that is why we have a hall/lobby there).

We do have a spray bottle (or can) of remover for spilt red wine but of course I couldn't find it, so told B that if he poured white wine all over the red (to dilute it), that was supposed to make it easier to clean.  This he did.  I did find some Vanish carpet and upholstery cleaner, which B then used and it does seem as though the stain has now disappeared, although the carpet is still very wet (as I found when walking into this room wearing just my support knee-high stockings - almost paddled in it). It should dry overnight, and as long as there is no stain left, then I'm not bothered. 
It is very difficult keeping clean the carpets in a house when they are all pale cream (including the kitchen - although that is more dingy cream with splodges now as B never removes his shoes even when he walks through the backdoor through the outside puddles.)

That's all that Tuesday has to offer, so depending on what happens tomorrow, I may blog or I may not. But should be back well before the weekend starts. Thanks again to those who wrote in even if I haven't mentioned all the names, you are always in my thoughts. TTFN.