Sunday, September 07, 2014

Quick Sunday Chat

It's been another glorious day today,  B and I went out for a short drive this afternoon to Red Bank Farm (just past Hest Bank), and there were loads of people there waiting to see the two Lancaster aeroplanes fly past.  These are the last two remaining since World War II.  Once was British, the other came from Canada.
B saw them fly across at a distance from the Lake District, then we heard them coming closer, but then never reached where we were, just swung past as soon as they reached Morecambe and turned towards Blackpool.  Some people saw them behind where we parked the car, and B got out and did see them, but I didn't.  Not that it mattered, I was already feeling like weeping (nostalgia I suppose) and so didn't as it happened.

We stopped on the way back at the farm that sold the free range eggs (that I'd bought before), I mentioned to the lady that I was still hoping for darker yolk as none of them (free-range or otherwise) had them these days.   I mentioned to her that I'd been told by an egg-producer that a good way to get deeper yolks was to add orange zest to their feed.  She was thrilled to hear this and said she was going straight away to start doing this.   Let us hope it works.  If it does she may give me some free eggs if she is there next time we visit.

Can't believe how lovely the weather is.  Very noticeable along the country lanes where the foliage just about touches the cars as they drive past (single lane with passing places on each side).   Lots of berries that I think are not edible, could these be hawthorn?  And are they edible anyway?  Most of the wild herbage (that we call weeds) is now dying pack and covered with seed heads just waiting for the wind to blow and scatter the seeds.

Now, regarding a comment that came in from an Anonymous.  Thanks jane for fighting my corner, but have to admit that I probably don't know enough about how the EU works, and do appreciate that it probably has helped us to sell our goods within Europe.  The person who sent the comment I did not feel was rude in anyway, just telling me to check first before I had my say, and he/she is quite right and I do thank him/her for giving my hand a slap.  

No doubt the common euro currency is extremely useful when travelling (and how lucky we are that we haven't yet been forced to change our currency to the euro).  And it must now be easier to move from one European country to another. On the other hand the open borders (to me they seem like that) seem to make it much easier for migrants to travel across Europe and end up at Calais desperately trying to get into this country.  Can't say that has helped the UK because this bites into any savings or profits we make from the EU (so we make any?) as we have to proved a massive amount of money in benefits, as well as homes.

My beef is that the EU seem to have control over much of our lives as they keep issuing new rules and regulations that we seem forced to comply with, and so many small businesses that have been run by the same families for generations - and their produce sold locally with no intention ever to export - have had to close down because they couldn't afford to bring their property and machinery up to EU recommended standards.
Only the other day I was told about a friend who - to comply with EU regs - has had to remove all her wooden surfaces in her catering department and replace everything with stainless steel.  It cost her a great deal of money.  Recently there has been an about turn and it is now OK to use wooden surfaces and chopping boards (obviously properly cleaned). The lady in question wasn't able to claim back the money she paid to do the change over.  She is now stuck with the stainless steel although she much preferred the wood she had in the first place.

When it comes to the sale of goods, then a Common Market is very useful, but when it comes to a nations traditions, surely these should be left alone, or at least left to the nation to decide whether to change or not?

Thanks also to jane, Sandy, Ali and Shayna for their comments on the glucosine range and MSM. I checked the price again paid for the glucosamine, it was £4.89 for 90.  So far cheaper to buy in bulk.
Even if expensive, as long as there is relief from pain it is worth it.

Think the injection is beginning to work a bit.  No longer do I get the feeling of broken glass being crushed in my knee-cap bones every time I stand up, now it is more a dull (still painful) ache, and seems to feel quite stiff when I begin to walk.  Doubt I will ever walk freely without needing a stick, but at least some relief is better than none. It certainly is better than it was and with any luck may even get better.

Not done much today as been out enjoying the lovely weather.  An evening to TV calls, so thought I'd write now so I can sit down and relax and have an earlier night than ususal (when blogging).  Will be back tomorrow, not sure what time.  TTFN.