Friday, August 22, 2014

Becoming Confused....

Don't think I wrote a blog yesterday.  Really meant to, but the pills are making me very confused. 
Have found that if take them prior to going to bed (usually just after midnight) it is early afternoon before I can get my head together.  Decided yesterday that if I took the pills early (9.00pm) had an early night, then 12 hours later the side effects should have gone. 

This dis happen, although I forgot that as I'd already had the previous pills at midnight, hadn't left it 24 hours before having them again, so the next lot - taken three hours earlier - might make things worse.  Fortunately it didn't, and when I woke, was much less confused, and by mid-day was almost 'on a high' as B likes to call it.  Still no lessening of pain in my knee though.

I've just taken two more pills and shortly will be nodding off to have a good night's sleep, so thought I'd pop in and reply to comments sent.  Forgive the short blog, and it might be a few days before I manage to bring myself back to some sort of normality.

Thanks Pam for your comment.  I hadn't thought of acupuncture.  First will need to find out the results of the X.rays, as the doc thought I'd broken my knee cap after a fall (could have done as I have fallen several times over the last few years, but with not enough pain to make me think I'd done harm).  If it isn't that, then will probably take the other offer of a three times a year steroid injection into my knee.  Really don't want to continue taking these pills as I believe there are withdrawal symptoms to contend with as well as any side effects.

As you say buttercup, we get given medication but in many cases these do cause unpleasant side effects.  Am sure regular readers will remember the regular allergy attacks I had been having for seven years, and it was only after the doctor removed Ramipril from my prescription that it eased.  Still have it occasionally but nothing like it used to be.
If I had to choose between staying on the pills prescribed this week or having a painful knee, I think I'd opt for the pain.

A welcome back to Mandy.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

Can't recall the tinned salmon mousse (c.1960/70) jane, but will have a hunt through cook books of that era (if I still have them), and see if I can find it.

It's been a lovely sunny day today.  Cancelled my hair apt (early afternoon) as I felt so groggy first thing and very nearly cancelled my coffee morning with my neighbour, but by 10.30 felt back to normal (she arrives at 11.00) so we went and sat in the garden in full sun, and it was really hot.  Oddly went very chilly when the sun went behind a cloud, but there were very few clouds, so we stayed out until 1.30, then went our separate ways.   Good weather forecast for tomorrow, and Sunday, not sure about Monday.  Expect the school children will soon be back as school, so this year at least they have had good weather for outdoor activities.

I'm leaving it there as already I'm feeling a bit woozy, and have decided to take both Saturday AND Sunday off blogging to give me a chance to sort myself out.  Returning again on Monday.  Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday long weekend, and able to make the most of the good weather.  TTFN.