Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Still Improving...

It's been a better day today.  My knee not quite so painful (although still does hurt) and am thinking this could be because I've stopped eating tomatoes and chillis.  As you know I am addicted to both - eating them every day - but Gill told me her friend, who also has very bad arthritis in her knees - was told not to eat tomatoes or any acidic foods, and I checked on the website and the list of foods that should not be eaten by arthritic people are the ones I normally eat.   So now I've got to find something to enjoy that won't harm me but also will prevent me gaining weight (because many of the foods I am allowed to eat I know will prevent me losing weight).

As B was going out most of the morning, got him to fetch me 2lbs minced beef and 1lb lamb's liver from the butcher before he went to the sailing club-house (where he is helping to finish off the new kitchen).  Lamb's liver is extremely good value for money, £1.50 a lb, and this is enough for 3 good helpings for B.  So I divided it up and froze it in three bags.
The minced beef also divided into four, three frozen and the fourth made into a spag bol (with the addition of onions, a can of chopped tomatoes, and a pack of Beanfeast 'bolognese'.  This (with added water) made enough for 4 portions.  Both B and I had some, the rest frozen. 

With the cooking apples falling fast from the tree, every day B brings some in and luckily several of the larger ones fell on the lawn (or on ground cover) so were not bruised and should keep well for several weeks (if not months), and this year they don't seem to have been pecked or as maggoty as in previous years.   Today cut up several of the fallings to make apple and blackberry crumble for B's 'afters', but in the end just cooked the apples in the microwave, adding thawed blackberries, then told B to put on some sugar, reheat in the m/wave and then pour cream over.  Saved me making the crumble.  I'm getting so lazy that I now even grumble if I find a tin in the larder that doesn't have a ring-pull!

Once I'd made the spag bol meat sauce, left it in the pan (covered) to reheat for supper, then went and sat outside in the sun until nearly 2.00pm.  Sent a text to B to ask him if he was coming back to take me to the church meeting (leaving 2.10) and he said he was, and he did, so I was able to go to that and had an interesting time (as usual).  Nothing specific, although was able to tell them about the 'conversation' I'd had with an Irish gentleman (in my mind), that seemed very real at the time.  Was hoping that they could find a connection between the names I was given (I didn't know anyone called Brenda and Dennis), and several knew a Brenda, and one of these did have a neighbour called Dennis, but I'll never be convinced unless I get more information from whoever I'm 'talking' to.  It is so easy for the mind to play tricks.

See that 'The Great British Bake-Off' starts again tomorrow evening, and really looking forward to watching that.  Believe there is a spin-off on Friday evenings with Jo Brand (I do like her), talking to contestants that have failed, and left the series each week.

Am still very annoyed about Tesco re-vamping their website.  Originally I could type in my order in a little box and then press 'go' and the first item would come up, I would order the one I chose (or maybe others as well), then click onto the next and so on.  If there was an item I wanted and Tesco didn't have it they would say 'not recognised'.
If I had written in full details, brand name etc, this would be shown first so I never had to search for it.

Now it seems I have to choose what section, then click on that, then up comes a list of categories within that section, and then choose the one I think I need, then have to scroll down (often several pages) to find the product I want. 
I worked using a list I had written on the back of an envelope, and it took me four times as long to find what I needed, and even then had only done two-thirds.  I just gave up.

So, I've written to Tesco explaining how their re-vamping as made their website far more difficult to work through, and why.  Also that it could stop me ordering from them if I can't easily find what I want.  It won't change things of course, but felt they needed to know that improvements don't always work, certainly where their customers are concerned.
It could be it is just me that is finding the alterations annoying, so would be interested to know if there are any readers who also find these have made ordering more difficult, and if so, worth emailing the Tesco Service Centre to let them know - their email is online@tesco.co.uk . 

Thanks to all who sent in comments, a blanket thank-you to those just wishing me well after my fall.

Sounds jane, that Scarborough has the same problem as Morecambe - small shops closing down, but good to see today - as we drove along the prom to the West end (where the church is) - that now the schools have closed for the summer holidays, so many people walking around with their children. M, most of the shops that close in the winter are now open, and - for once - Morecambe looks like a proper seaside resort.

I've not tried cold compresses on my knee Alison (Shropshire),  but I did try putting a hot water bottle on it (my neighbour told me this worked - it didn't).  Many years ago was told by my then doctor that it is either heat or cold that works with a strain, have to try both to see which is the best, so I will try the cold one next.

Seems that Scarborough is a place that many ex-pats have visited.  Mary in Perth (Australia) mentions the cliff-lift, and that was just across the road from the hotel where we used to stay (three friends and I used to stay there mid-week, out of season, for a regular 'Bridge break').

Seems a bit early for marrows Alison (Essex), but then everything seems early this year.  In my youth marrows were served just stuffed (with minced meat originally, but during wartime just sage and onion stuffing). Nowadays am sure there are more interesting recipes, and the smaller marrows can be cooked and used in recipes the same way as most of the squash family. 
Marrow and ginger jam was a favourite of a friend of mine, and do remember we also used to remove the stalk end of a marrow, scrape out the seeds and fill it with brown sugar, then wrap it in muslin (or stuff it down the leg of a stocking), hang it in the airing cupboard over a big bowl and the 'innards' would very slowly dissolve and drip down into the bowl making what was called 'marrow rum'. 
If anyone wishes to try this, best look up the correct recipe on the internet to make sure as I can't now remember exactly what I did.

Do hope you keep your old computer Kate as it would be a pity to miss reading blogs.  I would have thought all comps could reach these through the internet, but obviously not.

When I woke in the night for my usual (old lady) trip to the bathroom, felt my face beginning to swell (allergy reaction again), so took three anti-histamines in the hope it would stop it, but this morning it was slightly more swollen, so took two more (yes I know I shouldn't but I didn't want to miss the church meeting this afternoon), and it did stop it in its tracks and by the time I went my cheeks had gone down a bit, just enough left to make me look as if I'd had Botox making the creases from my nose to the sides of my mouth disappear and this alone knocks 10 years off my age, so I wasn't displeased.   Every cloud has a silver lining.

Just a little more about my 'media memories'....this to do with the setting up of The Goode Kitchen.
Firstly, the kitchen had to be altered to suit - this meaning the big chest freezer had to be put into our hall to make room for TWO cameras this time.  A new unit had to be made that would fit across the kitchen from the window (sink) side, parallel to a wall.  This had a new gas hob at one end that I would use for cooking (my own hob was in the wrong place).

A new ceiling also made (the original polystyrene tiles would be a fire hazard), also quite a few more changes (freshly plastered walls, new flooring....) thankfully all paid for by the BBC. 

Although I expected it would be just me presenting the programme, the producers had decided to introduce a younger lady that I would be 'teaching' how to save money.  So they had lined up about six girls to be interviewed in my kitchen, mainly to see if I had any rapport with one or more of them.

Four were hopeless, sort of ladies who were glamorous (nothing wrong with that) but were far too concerned with breaking their very long finger nails than concerned with cooking.
Then came one lady who was so much like someone I had once met, that I couldn't believe it.  This old acquaintance was a close friend of Gill, and the three of us had set up the Figure 8 Club, mentioned some postings ago.  She was quite short with a huge personality, and I really, really liked her.  She was a nurse, and sadly, when we left to move to Leeds, lost touch with her (but she still kept in touch with Gill for a while until she also moved away).

So, with an instant rapport between the two of us, she was chosen to be in the series with me, but when told the dates of filming, she wasn't free as she too was a nurse (isn't THAT a coincidence), and at that time was taking more exams.  So we settled for a young student called Jenny Day, who we also had a certain 'rapport'. 

There is a little more to this story.  My sister-in-law sadly had a terminal disease, and long after I'd done the TV series, after five years remission, she fell ill again, and when in her final days in a clinic in Leicestershire, asked me to spend this time with her.
To cut a long story short, one of the nurses at this clinic was exactly the same in looks and manner as the two ladies (both nurses) mentioned above.   It was incredible and also almost unbelievable that the three of them should all look identical, have the same personality, and also work in the same profession.

Tomorrow will probably tell more about the filming of T.G.K, and of course this did not run smoothly.  No media work I was involved with ever did.  Maybe it's the same for everyone. We only see the good bits.

Just about midnight, so think I'll call it a day.  Only just realised we are now in August - doesn't time fly?  And with a wet few days ahead, and the possibility of getting the end of a hurricane (is it called Bertha?), is this going to be the end of our summer?   We haven't yet had a barbecue (we like to hold one for the neighbours each year, but they came to our anniversary meal this year), and now that B has enlarged our patio, really do hope we have a few good days left where we can use the space for eating al fresco with our friends.

It is now Wednesday, so will finish my blog, and almost certainly be writing my next roughly this time tomorrow (or maybe earlier - depends if I have any free time during the day). TTFN.