Sunday, August 03, 2014

No Chance to Chat Today....

Just popping in to apologise for not writing a blog today.  Early yesterday morning I had a bad fall (tripped over my walking stick as I was returning to the bedroom), landed on my knees (ouch!!), and it took me nearly an hour to manage to find a way to get back up onto the bed where I lay for half an hour to relax.  Was able to stand after, got dressed, went into the living room, had a coffee, then half an hour later started to shiver and shake - it was like I was having a fit.  I swathed myself in crocheted throws and B brought a duvet to cover me, but I was still frozen and shaking like a leaf.  Asked B to bring me a hot drink with two teaspoons of sugar (instead of my usual sweeteners) remembering that this is often given to people in shock.  It worked like a dream.

However, I'm finding my knees are bruised and now both painful, and can only sit in certain chairs that are the right height for me to get up without difficulty.  The one in front of the comp is not one of them.  B has gone out for the day so he is not able to bring a chair in for me from another room so hope you understand that I will leave it until tomorrow to recover a bit more before I begin writing again.

Gill phoned, telling me of the lovely sunshine they have been having.  Here in Morecambe it is our turn to have windy weather, cloudy skies and rain.  It is raining hard now.  Do hope the weather improves as I really want to go and sit in the sun again before my tan disappears, but wherever you are do hope you all managed to have a restful and good weekend whatever your weather.  TTFN.