Monday, July 28, 2014

Hardly Time for A Chat....

Just popping in to reply to comments.  Sorry no proper blog today, but we are busy during the day and out most of the evening.  Tomorrow will need to bake for B (more bread requested) also will be going to the church meeting on the Tuesday afternoon, so - unusually for me - I find I don't have to much time on my hands to sit and blog.   Should manage to 'drop in and have a chat' sometimes tomorrow evening.

Thanks Julie for the correct name to that programme that always makes me laugh.  As readers must have noticed, I'm always getting names wrong.

Good to hear from you again Cheesepare.  There is a large Booth's in Carnforth, but only a wee one in Torrisholme (close to Bare).  I've only been in the latter one once.
Lovely idea of yours to meet up, and I see that Eileen is up for it too.  Where we meet will probably be within Norris capabilities (he is too large to fit in the car), and as I am a fair-weather scooterist, we need to fix a day when the weather forecast is right.  Otherwise we could meet in a local cafĂ© and B could drive me there. 
First I need to see the doc to get something sorted about my knees, at the moment it is almost impossible for me to go anywhere (I've even avoided the church meetings for that reason) as it is SO painful, not just walking, but even worse when getting up out of seats.   I want to enjoy our meeting, not just keep squeaking.   By September hope things will have much improved, and often the weather settles down to several days of good weather (aka Indian summer).  If I do find myself still almost housebound, no reason why we couldn't meet up at our house and we can have a barbecue in the garden.  If you got the train to Bare, we could meet you at the station (only 100yards from where wel live).

Pleased you enjoyed Middleton Sands gillibob.  I've seen several people having barbecues there, and when the tide is out the sands seem endless - and firm!  Perfect for horse-riding so do hope Kathryn manages to get there with Dolly.

I will sort out my 'media moments' Margie.  I've tried the 'cut and paste' onto the blog, but that doesn't seem to work (not sure why), so may have to rewrite them.  They will appear, but almost certainly won't put them on the blog this week (there are quite a few of them - I think I've done over 30 TV progs (not counting repeats), and including other things associated with (publishing the books) in almost every case something went wrong - I can laugh about it now, but not at the time.  I'll give each one separately so there will be something to look forward to (if you like that sort of thing).

And that has to be it for today,  I've just got to get on or I won't be ready to tart myself up to meet our guests and take them to the Barbar Elephant.  I just LOVE their curries.  

It rained again during the night, but today is mainly blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Cooled down quite a bit, so had a much sounder sleep last night.  Probably will sleep well tonight (once I've digested my meal - we are eating early thank goodness).  Hope you all enjoy your day.  TTFN.