Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just a Few Words...

Short blog tonight.  Feel so tired I could fall asleep in front of the comp, my brain has closed down, all I want to do is go to bed, so maybe for the first time, blogging is something I really don't feel like doing at this very moment.

At least can spend a few minutes replying to comments. .
Don't think the man of the house buying the weekend roast meat is a Northern thing Jane, my dad used to do the same when we lived in the Midlands.  He would also do the carving - with a proper carving knife and fork, the fork having a 'thingy' on the back that would lift up to protect the other hand from being cut with the knife as the meat was being sliced. 
We also had Shepherd's Pie - this would be on a Tuesday when lamb was the weekend joint. It would be Cottage Pie if it had been beef.  Monday (always washing day) was sliced cold roast meat with jacket potatoes and a seasonal veg.

There is some similarity in the French/Italian language but German is very different, so are the Swiss bi-lingual or tri-lingual Anna?  It's not as though Switzerland is a large country, so to use three different languages must make things difficult.

Expect you will be very busy during the school holidays Granny G, but do hope you find time to drop us a line even if just a couple of times during the six week period.  The one good thing about a rainy day in the school holidays is that we get a chance to teach children how to cook. 
Today began cloudy but very soon cleared up and we had a lot more sun.  I didn't get a chance to sit out until mid-afternoon and it was very VERY hot.  Think I sat too long in the sun and that is what is making me feel tired now.

At least the rain we had has made the flowering plants in all the containers/pots look absolutely wonderful.  Never seen such a large amount of blossom.  Even the trailing lobelia has bulked up, and B said how lovely it looked (and its not like him to notice much in the garden other than 'something large' he wants to get at with the secateurs or chop down completely).

More food news in the paper today, this time is 'it's OK to eat saturated fats' (or something like that), and how carbos are not that good for us.  I have kept the article to take to show the diabetic nurse next week - she is of the 'old school' - just eat low GI carbos and not a lot else.  That doesn't work for me.

Have another 'thunder headache' come on, and as the weather forecast shows  quite a few storms moving up the country, maybe one is heading our way.  Yet, looking at the weather map at the end of the TV news, it could be Morecambe is again likely to stay fairly dry.   Night-time temperature is in the high teens,  daytime reaching high 20's, and even  30C and above further south.   Not that unusual, I remember it being very hot when I was young - it's in recent years the summers have been wetter, windier, and have less sunshine and heat.  Younger folk think that is normal and now is not, but it is the other way round.

The age the earth is, no weather is 'normal', like most things it has its highs and lows.  If we had another Ice Age, suppose that could be 'normal' in the great scheme of things.  Considering we've only been keeping weather records for just over a century (or maybe two?) who knows what is due to happen next?  Whatever it is it will have happened all before, even if not in our lifetime.

Because I felt exhausted I reheated some rice and curry for B's supper that had been brought home (and immediately frozen) in the 'doggy bags' when we had our anniversary meal.  Plenty of rice (packed in three cartons, I used only one today), and not a lot of curry, so I cooked more onions, added some diced bell pepper and carrots, slung in some peas and the small amount of lamb curry - together these made a decent sized serving. 
Did I eat anything?  Can't even remember.  Oh yes, had some cheese and oat biscuits and now I wish I hadn't as the carbos have made me feel even more sleepy.  Maybe concentrating on doing crochet hasn't helped - I've nearly used up the ball of wool/yarn that Gill left for me, and my 'hooking' has ended up looking like a large round mat of different types of stitches.  Quite proud of it.  Will probably unwind it when I get to the end and start all over again, this time making it square.

 Forgive me if I now leave you and take to my bed, hoping to rise bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow so that I can write a proper blog for you on Friday before I take Saturday off. TTFN.