Monday, August 04, 2014

Up and Running (well almost!)

Not my usual time for blogging these days, but as I'm at the comp thought I'd stay a while longer for a catch up.   Firstly, let me thank you all for sending in comforting comments.  Am pleased to say that I'm feeling back to normal, other than my knee still pains me (so what's new).  Am lucky in that I'm so well upholstered (due to excess avoirdupois) that when I fall tend more to bounce than crack bones.  Just shakes me up a bit when I do fall and suppose that is bound to happen with old age.

Am not in a particularly good mood today as I was wanting to check out a few prices on Tesco's web site and see that they have completely re-vamped their on-line order page and it has taken me at least three times as long to find out what I want then it did previously.  Think I am going to complain as if it stays like this I might as well order from another store that has an easier to understand site.   I can never understand why stores always want to chance things.  As the saying goes "if it still works, why fix it?"...or something like that.

Before I move on to 'the filming of The Goode Kitchen', forgot to mention one more 'incident' when we were filming for 'Indoors, Outdoors'.  
The electrician had set up the lighting in our kitchen, then he had to go and sit in our living room as there was no room for everyone in the kitchen itself.  One of the light was slightly in the wrong place and so the director moved it a couple of inches, but the electrician heard him and came rushing into the kitchen to tell everyone that it was the electricians job to move the lights and no-one else should touch them.
(Forgive me if I did mention this recently, I can't now remember).  
So the light was sorted and we carried on filming.  Then I could smell something strange above my head, looked up and saw one of the polystyrene ceiling tiles beginning to curl up and blacken, almost about to burst into flames from the heat of the lamp.  We yelled for the electrician to come and switch off the light but he seemed to have disappeared.  None of the other crew would touch the switch ("more than my job's worth" seemed to be the name of the - union - game), so I marched across the room and removed the plug from the socket myself.  I was not in any union, and after all it was my house that was about to burn down.  
Turned out the electrician had just 'popped up the road' to buy himself some cigarettes, so he didn't seem to mind at all that I'd sorted the problem out for him.

There were similar union problems that I encountered when I did several demos at Pebble Mill, but more about these later.

It's a lovely sunny morning after a very damp and windy weekend, so think I'll take the opportunity to go out with Norris and pop down to the shops to buy some wool to practice my crocheting, and need some minced beef and sausages from the butcher, so forgive me if I don't give recipes today.

Despite my tumble, found I could manage quite well yesterday when in the kitchen (more comfortable seating in there), so made B a hob-top beef casserole for his supper, also a couple of bowls of mixed fresh fruits (nectarines, orange, grapes, cherries, kiwi fruit, plums) that he could have with cream.  Also melted a bar of (cheap) milk chocolate in the microwave, then into that stirred some rice crispies, mini marshmallows, sultanas, crushed digestive biscuits.  Pressed this mixture down flat between sheets of clingfilm, then cut it up into small oblongs to eat as 'sweets'. 
Also did a load of laundry in the washing machine and hung it on the expanding wash-dryer that I placed in the conservatory.  So, all in all my tumble hadn't really prevented me doing what I would normally do.  Although didn't bake on the Saturday as I had intended.

B was very considerate (for a change) and after he'd had his supper and finished watching a footie match on one of the Freeview channels, he made me a couple of slices of toast topped with scramble egg that I'd asked if he would make for me (asked him earlier but didn't realise there was a footie match on.  Football always takes priority).  He does make very good scrambled eggs.

On looking out of the window see it is very windy, so am having second thoughts about scooting out with Norris.  It is half-day closing on the local shopping parade (don't ask me why), so may leave it until later in the week to do the shopping (but only if the weather is good).  Tomorrow (Tuesday) want to go to the meeting at the church as there is something I wish to tell them before I forget (having had a 'chat' with someone speaking to me in my head.  Could - of course - been my imagination and probably was).

Again thanking all who wrote in, and some names do seem new to me, so a welcome and group hug to those who have not commented before.  Do hope we can hear from you again.
Back blogging again tomorrow, probably late evening, so hope to meet up with you all again. TTFN.