Monday, July 02, 2012

Problems with the comp.

Discovered this morning that I can't now get on to my Internet connection through my normal site.  Due entirely to letting B use it because he has jinxed his own site, and because he did something wrong with mine, have the same problem.  Luckily Steve did fit me up with a third 'back-up' site, and have managed to reach blogger through this and get a different sort of page where it appears to take my publication.  But for the moment will just leave it for today and try and solve the problem. 

If this does publish, then at least can still write daily, although there is only a tiny box in which to write my piece.  Fingers crossed things will get back to normal or I'll have to find someone to come in and reset the comp for me - would you believe my son and gransdon (computor buffs) are both moving house this week and I'm not going to bother them with questions.  TTFN.