Saturday, June 23, 2012

It Gets Worse!

Short blog this morning. Am fed up with the weather, a month's rain fell in this region in just 24 hours (yesterday). High winds and this brought down some heavy branches from the trees in our road, one tree outside our house, the other from the tree opposite. Fortunately the wind was blowing away from our house otherwise it could have crashed through our window.
Add to that have just seen numerous apples on the grass, a lot more than the usual 'June drop', so this means fewer (if any) apples left on the tree to harvest this autumn. Not sure yet what has happened to the pears or the redcurrants. Suffice to say I am not in a good mood today.

Despite the weather, part of the 'velocity weekend' is supposed to be carrying on, no sailing today but the kayaks are supposed to be out. With this wind I doubt it. Even so have still had to bake 2 dozen scones this morning - at least they turned out well, and these together with the gingerbread and a pot of 'mixed summer fruit' jam B is taking to the club this morning. Whether they will require more food tomorrow remains to be seen. The weather is supposed to improve, but will have to wait until B returns later this afternoon, then bake a cake (if needed) this evening, and more scones early tomorrow morning. Not even sure if I have time for Gill's Sunday call.

The kitchen looks as though a bomb has hit it (flour everywhere including down my jumper and skirt (forgot to put on my apron), will have to wash these with other laundry today and put the central heating on or it will never dry. We put the c.h. on yesterday because the house seemed so damp and cold. The temperature was 17C indoors (63F) and it's been warmer than that during the winter months. It is now the worse summer on record and it probably will continue due to the Jet Stream having 'stuck' or something.

There is one thing to be thankful for, as having now retired (as much as any housewife CAN retire) this means I don't have to go out to work and brave the elements. Up to a point can cosy up indoors and draw the curtains, put on the heating and hope the fuel bill will not blow my meagre savings away. With groceries ordered on-line no need either to go out to buy food. Life could be a lot worse.
Am so sorry for those who have chosen this week to go on holiday, and also for those people who rely on holiday makers for their income - such as mobile 'eateries'. Bad weather keeps folk indoors and therefore no sales. Goodness knows what all this rain is doing to the crops in the fields, it will either boost growth, or just ruin the lot. Let us hope the former or fresh food will be very expensive come harvest time.

At the moment I am eating for comfort, so my weight is very slowly creeping up again. Have decided while the weather is bad I am going to eat what I want (not what I should) and worry about weight later. I still have over three months before my next weigh-in, so have time to lose the recent excess.

Thanks for your comment Cheesepare. When we went to buy a mobility scooter, I saw one that was as you described, all chrome and lights with wide handlebars, very much like an expensive motor-bike and I really fancied it, but it was far too expensive. We settled for a four-wheeler quite solid scooter and this really is very comfortable and stable. Not sure if it is too large to go into supermarkets, the only way is turn up and ask. Morrison's own scooter (for customers use), is also large but does have a big basket on the front. Mine has only a tiny basket at least this would prevent me purchasing too much. And then I'd have to scoot all the way home with it, probably eating half of it before I got back.

A good idea to use peanut butter instead of tahini C.P. The tahini I have is very difficult to spoon from the jar, it seems to have settled at the base in a hard layer with liquid (oil?) at the top. Not sure if it would be possible (safe) to warm it to see if it mixes together again. Anyone know?

Peeled root ginger keeps well if put into a jar and covered with sherry, a bit can be taken out for grating, then the rest replaced. Kept in the fridge it will keep for several weeks this way. I keep my root ginger wrapped in the freezer, then cut of what is needed, and putting the rest back to keep frozen. Then it lasts for just about ever.

Good for you Eileen braving the elements to see the Olympic Torch carried along Morecambe parade. Needless to say I stayed indoors and saw it on the local TV news. Was surprised the flame stayed lit with all that rain.
Do hope you have managed to secure your greenhouse, this wind seems to have toppled over many heavy garden pots, so you are fortunate you didn't get lose your green house altogether.
Have not put the cover back onto our frame this year as although the tomatoes grew lots of foliage when in the greenhouse last year we had very few fruits and these had little flavour. At the moment have quite gone off gardening. In fact almost gone off cooking. All due to the weather. I hate wind, I hate rain, and am beginning to dislike Morecambe because of this. The last few days have felt very homesick for Yorkshire (and that isn't even my 'real' home, although lived there 40 years my earlier life was spent in Leicestershire, previous to that in Warwickshire, the county of my birth). Lancashire is a beautiful county, far less rugged than Yorkshire, but it's all this rain!!!

I'm going to have to sign off, go and get a cup of coffee, do the crossword, and then tackle the kitchen. B has left for the sailing club, will almost certainly eat there (sandwiches, cake and scones), but will be preparing a large pot of vegetable soup (cooked in chicken stock), for my lunch/supper, and enough there for him if he returns cold and also fed up.

Would you believe I can see blue sky appearing, so it looks as though the rain clouds are fast blowing away, once the sun comes out I MAY feel a little less grumpy. Can[t wait to get through this day and see what tomorrow brings. Weather forecast is better but in this country we can never be sure. Will it continue to rain for Wimbledon? Let us hope not.

Hope to be back in a better mood tomorrow. See you then.