Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making Progress

Despite a few hiccups yesterday - the delivery of salmon was late - we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the Glasson - Garstang area. This really is a lovely time of year to wander around the country, and I was surprised to see how many cottages had tubs full of flowering plants. So obviously the cold weather doesn't seem to have affected them. Must buy some this week and pot them up to make our back garden more 'family-friendly'.

The salmon was very good, bought two whole (filleted) fish, and got five good portions from each of three halves/fillets (one was given to our daughter), plus several bags of trimmings (thin edge and tail ends). So that should last us a year (one a month for B).
We were late returning home (via our daughter's in Lancaster) so B went and fetched fish and chips for our supper. While the footie was on I went into the kitchen to cut and wrap the salmon, then freeze it.

Not much room left in the freezer, but do want to go to Barton Grange a.s.a.p to get a bulk pack of chicken breasts, these are extremely good value being very plump. so the 'fillet' from the back of each breast is almost a portion on its own. Must find freezer space for these.

Watched the middle to end bit of Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket last night, will watch the repeat late Thursday to see the start. Seems he has managed to get some free-range Chicken Kiev's on sale in Tesco at a price we can all afford. Not sure what is happening with the veal, but then I'd probably never buy veal anyway because to me it hasn't the flavour of 'grown up' beef.

Thanks to those who sent comments in about the oil spilled over my carpet. Have to say that the newspapers are soaking it up really well, have already used up two Daily Mail and they have loads of pages. These sheets are placed over the carpet (triple thickness) and I put weights on top (pastry boards etc), and after 24 hours they are completely sodden with oil, so far have changed the papers twice and some of the carpet looks almost back to normal. Still more to soak up (the bit under the mouth of the container), but things are looking good. Not sure if all the oil will be managed to be removed, but as long as it looks Ok then I'm not too concerned.

Do like the idea of having quarry tiles (or slate) flooring in the kitchen, but am concerned as to whether any tiles such as these would be impervious to staining (with oil etc). Also the problem with tiles is that they can be cold, whereas carpeting is warm. Underfloor heating would be the best but too expensive.

Was so sorry to hear about Marguerite Patten having had a stroke Sarina. Surely it must have been mentioned in the paper or on the news at the time, but if it was - missed it. The first cook book I owned (bought for me by my mother) was a M. Patten book, Cookery in Colour I think it is called (still have it). Several recipes on each page and all have a photo so everyone can see what the dish should look like.

Really must hunt out some old cook books (did bring a few with me when we moved) for am sure many will have recipes using the cheaper cuts of meat that are rarely used these days.

A welcome to madmittens who (along with at least another) has found the recent "rice and feta salad" recipe one worth making.

Must be difficult making fat-free meals for your husband Jane, especially when he enjoys (or did) 'fatty foods'. There are some low-fat cheeses on sale and maybe just a little grated over the top of a vegetarian lasagne might help to keep him happy. Chicken and turkey too are very low in fat. Most 'meat flesh' is low in fat, it is the skin and the fat surrounding a chop or joint (or marbling through) that is the problem.

Most shell-fish are fat free, and I was thrilled to see not just Morecambe Bay potted shrimps on sale at the Smokehouse, but also 225g packs of cooked/shelled Morecambe Bay shrimps. Was about to buy one when I saw the price (just under £13 pack, and I could have eaten a whole pack on my own in one go!!!). So came home without any. There seem to be a lot of shrimps in the bay, so perhaps I should learn how to go out and scoop them up myself 'for free'!

As this is a late start this morning due to Norma the Hair etc, and as am getting on really well regarding tidying and re-arranging the kitchen, will take my leave of you now so I can do even more. The evenings too being partly footie gives me time to pot up my flowering tubs (as long as the rain holds off), and also do more chores, so once the matches are over, everything should be ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

Despite the dreadful weather in other parts of the country, for once the rain has kept away from this region, we have had quite a bit of sun, and also quite a bit of cloud (it is cloudy today), but certainly it seems to be getting warmer (but not in my chair in the corner where it is in an extremely cold spot). In less than 10 days it will be the longest day and then the nights will start drawing in.

There was a mention yesterday on the news about the bad weather 'pushing the Gulf Stream south) so maybe that is why on cloudy days the temperature is lower than it should be. Just as long as the Gulf Stream returns then am not bothered. An even colder winter will play havoc with my bones and I dread to think of the fuel bills.
We have decided to have the front (big) bay window double glazed. It is the only window in the house that has not been done, and will have to be 'secondary' glazing as it would be far too expensive to have the leaded lights removed and fitted back into custom-made d.g. windows and replaced. This should really help to keep the chill out of the room, even in my corner.

Should be back to normal time tomorrow, so hope to meet up with you then. Have a good day.