Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Trials and Tribulations

This is definitely not my week! Not only have I had a bad back for (must be) three weeks now, although getting better, yesterday managed to 'catch' it again and am now having to use two sticks to hobble around. Also my 'housemaid's knee' is back again, all swollen and very painful. The neuralgia I had on one side of my face last week is now better, and my scalded hand is not painful (unless put into hot water), and it has to be said the different pains in some way tend to help each other, I cannot seem to feel them all at one time, and so switching from on to another (according to what I'm doing) tends to relieve what other pain is hovering around.

Unfortunately, having strained my back again, could not get comfortable in bed last night, my legs/back hurt so much. My fault for not taking a painkiller before I settled down for the night. Will definitely do so tonight, in fact will put a glass of water and the pills by my bed later today (if I can remember).

At least am still managing to potter around the kitchen (as you know I have a chair in the larder so can sit in there moving the various foods from shelf to shelf). B's supper yesterday was easy peasy, one of my favourites to cook as it is so speedy. Prawns in Thai Red Curry Sauce, with Thai spiced rice. All I had to do was finely dice an onion and half a red bell pepper, then fry these in a little oil for a couple or so minutes before stirring in 3 teaspoons of Thai Red Curry sauce/paste (from a jar). Then added about a quarter of a pint of coconut milk, simmering down until thickened. Then I turned it out and left it in the pan for B to bring back to the boil and add the thawed prawns that had been placed at the side with the sachet of 2 minute rice that he could also heat up in the microwave.

After B had eaten his supper he asked me how I'd made it, and when I told him he said it was one of the nicest he'd had. Don't know why it was different to ones made previously, but it was very much enjoyed and that was all that mattered. Even if I'd made the whole thing from scratch myself (including the chopping of veg, right up to the adding of prawns and cooking the rice) the whole meal would take less than 15 minutes to make and serve. Ten minutes on a good day.

Made myself my 'main meal' (eaten at lunch time) this being a sachet of Beanfeast 'Mexican Chilli'. A vegetarian chilli and very enjoyable it was too, warming me up on what was yet another very chilly day. Or is it just me that feels the cold? I seem to be needing to cuddle a hot water bottle and this under a crocheted throw that my daughter made for me (and how cosy that is, I give thanks every time it's used), with my own old patchwork quilt I made - must be over 30 years ago now - and constantly in use. Well past its best, the padded back now very thin and the patches themselves coming apart, but it will be repaired for I cannot bear to throw it away, it holds so many memories.

Am so pleased your camping trip was during the hot weekend Kathryn, good weather makes so much difference when on holiday. Do let us know what you will be entering for the Ecclestone Show and how you get on.

A good idea Catriona to keep a bag of frozen peas to be used 'for 1st Aid only'. Suppose it doesn't have to be peas, perhaps some leftover, fairly wet cooked rice that might normally have been thrown away (suitably labelled of course).

Am sure the Queen wasn't able to sit in those chairs on the Royal Barge because of the inclement weather, she would have been chilled to the bone if she had. Don't think what colours she wore would have made any difference, she wore white so she could easily be seen they said. Also she probably wore 'thermals' underneath her dress/petticoat.
My Beloved said a warm-air radiator had probably been placed at the back of the chairs so the royals could at least have some warmth around their legs. The Queen did go 'below' for a short time early on, and maybe she had a warming drink (brandy?) and a heater placed before she returned - she was then wearing a (possibly cashmere) shawl over her coat.

Was pleased you were able to watch most of the Jubilee Celebrations on Canadian TV Margie. As you say, nobody does the 'ceremonials' quite like us Brits. Everything goes like clockwork, and there must be hours/days/weeks of rehearsals beforehand.

I didn't watch the music festival (mainly because am not fond on 'pop' music), but did switch on at the end and saw the fireworks. Also saw only the end of the service at St. Paul's, a little bit at Westminster Hall where they were served lunch, and later went into the living room exactly the right time when the planes flew over and the Red Arrows gave their red, white, and blue smoke trails. With the guards doing a special firing of their rifles, and the national anthem being sung by the crowds, it was really special and the Queen looked very moved. It was easy to lip-read her saying 'thank you' to the thousands (if not millions) of people in the Mall.

Myself have felt very proud of our Queen over these past four days, and even Norma - who says she isn't much of a royalist - said she has been so moved watching the Queen and programmes all about her life from a young child to her present age, that she is now very much a royalist, and was quite moved to tears more than once when watching the celebrations. These last four days have done more for the monarchy than ever before. Long live the Queen!

Sometimes the EasyYo yogurt is slow in setting Jane, and probably nothing to do with where you keep your equipment. The Greek yogurt always sets well, but several of the fruit flavours take a lot longer to set, and when I find any are still 'runny' after the 8 hours, either leave it a couple more hours (when it might then be set) or (more often) change the water in the thermos back again to very hot, then leave the yogurt container in there for several more hours. It almost certainly will then be set. Often I make yogurt in the afternoon then completely forget about it until the next day, and then never find it 'runny'. So the longer you leave it the less setting problems you will have (although warming up the water after it has cooled down does help).
Recently bought a pack of the coconut flavoured EasyYo and when made and left for 8 or so hours this seemed to have just about set, but after putting in the fridge, discovered a couple of days later it was still 'runny', so filled the thermos with hot water and put the yogurt in its flask back to heat up again. Left it for 8 hours and it was then set. This was done after the yogurt had been in the fridge for two days remember, and this delay in reheating seemed to do it no harm, and it has now been eaten all up (over 3 weeks in the fridge) and we were not taken ill! Probably shouldn't be even mentioning reheating the yogurt again, but it worked for me. This doesn't mean it is the right thing to do. Just telling you what happened.

Yogurt that has not set should never be wasted, it can be drunk or - with fruit added - can be made into a 'smoothie'. Another thing we could do with it is to dissolve a jelly in a very little hot water (I do this in the microwave) and then add runny yogurt to make it up into a 'yogurt jelly' (turns out a bit like a panna cotta). Or use like milk to make custard/white sauces etc.

Have to take my leave of you now as the gas man is expected any time from 12 noon to 6.00pm. B won't be back from the RNLI shop until close to 2.00pm, and what's the betting the gas man comes before then, so have to publish this to make sure 'I'm free' (as Mr Humphries would say).
By tomorrow hope to get back to near normal, so - if you too are free - hope you can join me then. TTFN.