Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time Waits for no Man (or Woman)..

Ten minutes and it will be noon. My intention was to begin this blog after Norma had left, but then had the police call at the house due to someone putting superglue through the keyhole of a house opposite "and did you see anybody hanging around?". No I didn't, but as the window cleaners were in the street then thought they were the best ones to ask. Of course had a bit more of a chat than that, then came into read my emails (these include your comments, and blow me there was more than one from the organiser of the sailing clubs' Jubilee party re what I was to make, what others would make, and then requesting recipes from me for this purpose, so I had to deal with that first.

As I have LOADS to do myself, will have to curtail my own blog today, but at least have time to reply to your comments and was very interested in hearing about that 'loom' you have Rachel, sounds just up my street, I could play happily for hours cutting up all my old clothes (I never throw anything away, and B's old T shirts (he never throws these away either), then making rag rugs, cushion covers, all sorts of things. If you have any more info re this look, please let us know.

Am sure I can find a recipe for plum chutney for you Campfire if you can allow me a couple or so days to do this (but hoping to give one tomorrow, I've already made a note to remind me), you could stone the plums then freeze them to make the chutney later. If you cannot store them by freezing, then maybe you can find a recipe on the Internet.

You sounded as though you had a very pleasant day in Scarborough Jane, it is really a lovely place to holiday, part tourist, part old-type fishing 'village'. Luckily the weather is holding out although we are forecast more cloud and a possible light shower in some places. The sun didn't come out until late afternoon yesterday, and looks like being the same today, but it is still warm.

An interesting blog from you (as always) Lisa. I love to hear about life in America for it sometimes seem so different from ours, and in other ways very much the same. The 'Housewife 49' is exactly like it was in those times as I was old enough (6 when the war started)
to remember those days and because they were very traumatic (we lived in Coventry, one of the towns that were daily bombed almost to destruction) they probably are more vivid that some later years.
Your mention of using up the last dregs in bottles (not foods in this instance) reminded me of something said in 'Superscrimpers' yesterday when a lady used to put the almost empty bottle of shower gel (and did she mention hair conditioner as well?) into her washing machine (she did mean the bottle and not rinse it out and use only that), and her laundry turned out smelling wonderful and soft, and the water did not get too 'sudsy' either. One worth remembering.
What are weiners? You mentioned freezing beans, so do these grow too?

The numbers for the sailing 'do' are close to 40, and as the food needs to be as fresh as possible, the earliest I can start this is on Saturday, so that's put paid to me doing anything else that day. My daughters community do is on the Saturday, and that means most of Friday taken up for baking for that (as the cakes need to be there by Friday evening). Not that I mind as am at my happiest when baking for others. Wish I could do more. At least the marmalade have been done, and if I can grab a couple of hours am hoping to get B to take me to Morrison's this afternoon as I need more ingredients. Otherwise it will have to be early tomorrow morning, and if it is tomorrow, then that means another late blog. Be assured I will write something, even if short and later than normal. Friday and Saturday I will NOT be blogging as need to concentrate only on my baking. Sunday possibly will find time to return to chat as my Beloved will have delivered the cakes, scones, biscuits, quiches.... to the club house early in the morning before he begins sailing. That is the plan anyway.

Just remembered, Gill will be phoning at 9.00 for an hour on Sunday as per usual, so blogging will have to start after 10.00am. Just seems to be all go at the moment. Could do without having a bad back though, yesterday had to use two sticks to walk around comfortably. At least - when cooking - a lot is done sitting down, so that really isn't causing me much difficulty, and sheer pleasure when I can go and sit in my easy chair and put my feet up for a while. Sometimes its good not to take things for granted, then when we do get them back they are that much more appreciated.

So sorry today's blog has little of interest, but am sure something will happen soon that will give me something more interesting to write about, or even find extra pleasure in (at the moment am on a downward spiral with each day giving me something more to be concerned about - but with positive thinking, know that sooner or later things will improve again, so best to looking forward to that).
One good thing - went to water my plants yesterday and noticed the avocado stone - planted many, many weeks ago - has just split and a stem is growing upwards out of it. As soon as it grows a bit more will take a photo of it. It was only the other day nothing seemed to have happened and I was going to bin it. Just as well I didn't.

Enough for today, am now off to get a quick snack, cup of coffee and sit and watch Superscrimpers. Hope to meet up with you again if you can find time to log on tomorrow, if so - see you then.