Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Tracking

Began today by writing out a list of all things that need doing. Most have been mentioned on this site this week as 'to do today', but then never got round to doing them. So today will roll up my sleeves and work through the list from start to finish. For some reason I CAN do what should be done when I have a list to follow, rely on my memore (!) and that means nothing gets done.

So today will be a short blog as I am determined to start work no later than 8.00am. The laundry has already been put in the washing machine and got past it's first 'stuck' cycle, but I need to be in the kitchen when it spins as it won't switch this off.

As you can imagine, nothing much got done yesterday, we even ended up with a Chinese takeaway so it HAS to be fish for supper tonight (on my list as 'thaw out fish for supper', think I can remember to make supper with the fish as haven't written that bit down).

Thanks for your comments. Having taken a look at the site in more detail, see that all this 'spam' that is coming in seems to be deleted at source. I still get the 'copy' sent to my email address (as do all the comments) but the 'spam' is not published, so that's one problem already dealt with. Did get another today - this time with a name (Kagisco), but definitely another 'spam', so am not even going to acknowledge it.

As I was not really paying enough attention to the family at the variety show Mabel, thought it was the middleclass ones that were in the audience (the wealthy father was sitting by himself in a box), as you say the poor family could never have afforded a night out such as that one.

Certainly nostalgia time when you see a house similar to the one you lived in Sairy. My B lived in a similar house, and it could not have been easy as it was one of the terraced type where you stepped straight from the street into the front 'parlour'. This was the room his grandma lived in. Behind that was the main living room - this had a coal fire (they used to have a tin bath put in front of that for them to bathe in). Behind that was a tiny scullery with just cold running water and a sink and a cooker. The 'privy' (loo) was outside, next to the coal place. There was no bathroom upstairs, just two main rooms and one small one.
B's sister had the small bedroom, he and three of his older brothers shared one bedroom (two in a bed), and his parents had the other bedroom. One older brother had left home and gone to work on the clipper ships bringing (I think wool) from Australia to England.

It must have been a very tight squeeze living in such a small house, but they all seemed to manage, and when I first visited them it was only B and his sister living there with their parents, the other lads were married and had their own homes (one being next door). How I envied their family way of life, they used to have great family gatherings and parties, yet my parents (who had so much more) never seemed to enjoy themselves, but then we do tend to remember some bad memories and - conveniently forget - the good and right ones). Even so, proves that money does not always make for a good life.

You certainly took me back when you mentioned playing with a tin of buttons minimiser deb.
My mum always used to remove buttons from old clothes (the fabric never wasted, always went into the 'rag-bag' for cleaning purposes). Over time she got quite a collections and I used to love sorting them out. Used to save buttons myself when I got married, and our children also used to love playing with them.
Only the other day was clearing out a large tin where I keep some of my sewing bits and bobs and came across a card holding small linen-covered buttons. A full set as had never been used. Remember my liberty bodice used to have rubber buttons. Don't think any of these were kept.

Please excuse me if I depart now, it is exactly 8.00am and I really MUST start my chores for the day. Am going to get into Edwardian scullery maid role-play and this will help no end (role-playing always works well). Tomorrow will surely have plenty to tell you about, so hope you find time to have a 'look see' and find out.

Incidentally - our oil soaked carpet is still needing paper to mop it all up. Every day several sheets of the Daily Mail end up black and sodden with the oil. It must be nearly three weeks since the spill and still no sign of it easing off. But at least it IS being soaked up, that's is something to be glad about.

Enought chatting....must get on. TTFN.