Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Rain!!

After a couple or so dry days the rain has returned. Last night was very 'muggy', the humidity level in the late 70's as shown on my bedroom clock/thermometer, although the temperature itself was in the low 60's. This weather I'm finding really depressing, but then we are all having to put up with it.

B had chosen cauliflower cheese for his supper yesterday, so that allowed me time to first watch Andy Murray's match, an easy win so hope this continues.
Have to say was a bit disappointed in 'Turn Back Time' yesterday. The idea was good but wished it could have ALL been arranged to look as though in the time warp, it just seemed odd to see 'Edwardian' people travelling down a road filled with 21st century transport and road sweepers etc. However, it certainly gave a very good idea of what life was like in those days. Had to smile when I saw the wife in the poorer family grating something, using EXACTLY the same grater as I use today (it belonged to my mum and she probably used it before she was married).

B was reminded of his mother when he saw the lady 'take in washing' for his mother used to do the same, she also had to use a mangle and how she managed to get everything washed and dried in those days I don't know. No washing machines or spin dryers, let alone tumble dryers, and - of course - the ironing done with those flat irons that needed constantly heating over the fire.

My memories of my own children were not that dissimilar to the Edwardian middle class family, with the 'children should be seen but not heard' attitude, slightly kept apart from 'proper family life' as we know it today. Being an only child it was usually left to me to amuse myself, and can never remember my parents playing with me, other that board games and cards when I got older. Any 'togetherness' was more about teaching me to read, spell, learn how to write, etc., so I look forward to seeing what the next episode shows of family life as this would just about finish about the time my own life began.

Certainly the lifestyle of the Edwardians was very similar to the way I remember my young life when 'keeping a woman in her place' was the norm. The man earned the money, the women stayed at home and the meal had to be ready to serve when the man of the house returned from work with his slippers warming by the fire, and so on and so forth. When my dad left for work, my mother would always go up the long garden to shut the garage doors after my dad drove away, and every afternoon would go up there and open then for him to drive back in. At least he managed to shut them himself before coming inddors, then took off his coat, put on his warm slippers and sat at the table ready to be served his meal. Every day was the same. How different things are today. Not necessarily for me as I'm stuck in my own time warp, but for the younger generations.

There were not many views of Morecambe, we did see our town hall (about a mile from where we live - it faces the sea), this was where the middleclass man worked, but only at a desk, the other workers in the room were from the present day, which again didn't 'feel' quite right. According to B, the poorest man (a jobbing labourer who had to find his own work), was filmed doing something with boats in the boat yard at B's sailing club, so will be looking forward to seeing that.
The scene on the beach where the children were playing was a bit deceptive. It looked as though Morecambe had long golden sands, but this was clever photography, for there are very few sandy beaches that are safe to walk on (the rest being quicksands). A couple of tiny sections on the front have had sand put there to make a 'beach' for children to play, these closer to the Midland Hotel. We haven't yet seen the Midland as it wasn't built in Edwardian times, but am sure we will get a closer look (maybe even inside) in the next (or following) episode), this being one of the places that the 'wealthy' family would be expected to visit.

Even more 'anonymous' comments have arrived, and am sure they must be from the same person because there is some similarity in their 'illiteracy'. Obviously from 'over the pond' due to the different spelling of some words, and anyway, what they say doesn't seem to make sense. But all wishing me to click on to their own site.

Am grateful for 'real' comments, and thank Margie for hers. Certainly she is getting good weather compared to other parts of Canada, and it does seem that globally the weather is not as it should be for the time of year. A bit of the 'Goldilocks' as it's either too hot, too cold, and rarely 'just right'.

Myself must really have a good search through my freezer drawers to use up what I've got, although with a freezer no harm (other than loss of flavour) happens if frozen food is left in longer than it is meant to. But of course always best to use rather than store a long time as (unlike a larder) a freezer costs money to run, so what could have started off as a cheap cut of meat could end up costing as much as a more expensive joint. It is always suggested (unless instructions state otherwise) that frozen food is always kept for no more than 3 months to make best use of a freezer. Not that I take any notice. Some things have been in my freezer for over a year!

Living on a hill gillibob will take a lot of worry away when it comes to rain and so forth. It may be a bit of a slog carrying heavy bags up a hill after shopping, but myself remember that we lived at the bottom of a hill in Leeds, and our cellar constantly being flooded after heavy rain, think chosing a house higher up the hill would have been better.
Here in Morecambe we live on 'the flat'. There is a slope about a quarter of a mile further down towards the prom, so no danger of us flooding if there is a very high tide with a high wind. The houses on the prom used to be flooded by sea water, but a lot has been done now to prevent that happening again.
Having said that, after a lot of rain the ground here can get very soggy, and I dread to think what it is like under our floorboards, the ground floor of the house being fully carpeted when we had it surveyed and the surveyor didn't check under. We can walk over our lawn and the water squelches over our boots, so the drainage must be bad. Perhaps that is why there was such a deep and huge fishpond (that B has removed and filled in). The water drained into that. With no slope the ground soaked water now just stays soaked. Perhaps why the previous owner(s) have planted many leafy shrubs, these certainly are look happy after our recent bad weather.

Think it HAS to be fish for supper tonight as have been planning to cook some all week. If I thaw out and poach enough, there will be 'planned' leftovers to make some fishcakes (as I have a lot of parsley that needs using up). My fridge shelves are almost empty (that's a first) so will soon have to restock the 'fresh', and whilst ordering, will probably stock up with more 'dry goods' and anything that has a long shelf life that is on offer and that is normally used.

Also have to make another loaf (seem to be baking bread every other day at the moment), this time a brown one. Made a trifle last night, B eating a third, so I went and decided to treat myself to a portion (taking a third). Think that shocked B to the core, he is used to eating 'treat's all himself. Bet he eats the last portion pretty darn quick tonight in case I decide to have some more.

A late start due to having my hair done before 'blogging', so as it will shortly be noon, will wind up for today then hopefully back at my usual time tomorrow. See you then?