Friday, April 24, 2009

Home is Where the Heart is...

For those needing to lower their cholesterol, here are lists - taken from the book - of high, medium and low cholesterol foods.
high cholesterol:
butter; cakes; crab, lobster, shellfish;
cream; eggs; omelette; fatty meat and bacon;
kidney; liver; pastry; souffles.

medium cholesterol:
lean bacon; cheese made with wholemilk; chocolate; ice-cream; fish; lard; milk; pancakes; poultry; sausages; veal.
(B enjoys these too but prefers streaky bacon)

low cholesterol:
biscuits; clear soups; cottage cheese; soft margarines; skimmed milk.
(apart from biscuits B would not touch the rest).

no cholesterol:
bread and cereals; coconut; coffee and tea - but no milk; fruit (most); honey; jam; nuts; peanuts; pasta; spirits, wines and beer; sugar; vegetables; vegetable oil.

The above does not take into account the amount of saturated fats each contains. For instance the crab/shellfish etc are low in saturated fats but high in cholesterol. Coconut is high in saturated fats but cholesterol free. Sometimes sorting out what is good and what is bad for us is like walking through a mine-field.

Think we all know how many calories we need each day, and eat less of them when we wish to lose weight. This is not a problem when we can afford to buy good, fresh produce. Some foods are so low in calories we can graze all day and still not eat enough cals.
When it comes to living on a low income, it is easy enough to take in the required number of cals. (usually those that fill us up) with the belief that is all that is needed. To keep alive maybe, to keep healthy NOT!

The following list myself find extremely interesting:
the cost of a food per 100 calories (1995):
custard cream biscuits 2p
white sliced bread 3p
frozen chips 4p
full fat milk 8p
boiled potatoes 7p
chocolate bar 8p
pork sausages 10p
meat pie 11p
corn snacks 12p
skimmed milk 13p
fish fingers 13p
apples 19p
carrots 20p
oranges 30p
lean pork 33p
broccoli 74p
lettuce 76p
tomatoes 80p
frozen cod fillet 95p
celery 103p

Our food budget (let's call it Peter) is the only one that is flexible. Often we have to rob Peter to pay Paul, especially when in a recession such as the one we are in now. None of it is our fault, and yet it is left up to us to cope as best we can. It is true that food prices have risen over the past months, but on the good side there are so many offers on so many different foods with canny shopping we should find it fairly easy to feed ourselves and the family. The only problem is lacking the know how, but there are plenty of books and websites to give info and advice' What we all need to do is keep old skills alive.