Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And for my next Trick !

Tip: Meat will cook to tender at a lower temperature than vegetables, so allow plenty of cooking time when adding root vegetables to a simmered stew/casserole. If using a slow cooker, which is perfect for those cheaper cuts of meat, part cook vegetables before adding.

My final choice for yesterday's supper was the Salmon with Couscous. The addition of the lemon zest and juice really made a great difference to what could be a boring staple. For afters it was banana and cream, and an extra late snack of pate on toast for Beloved.
Tonight's meal should be vegetarian, but Beloved is wearing his caveman hat this week and meat has been requested again. Chilli con Carne please - I can use the red beans I cooked and froze, and also one of the avocados needs using, so will add slices of this to a side salad. Not sorted out the pudding yet, but ice-cream sounds good with Chilli.

As usual, my good intentions never saw the light of day, so no cake was cooked yesterday, and no cheesecake either, but the good news is that I can make them another day. I have only just realised, the less goodies I make now, the more I can make later - like during the ninth and tenth week when things might be getting desperate.