Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Self Control in the Kitchen

Yesterday's meals were fine, always eat Chinese food with chopsticks if you can, it takes so much longer. They do say, and it is true, that after twenty minutes of eating (and that can mean slowly, so chew each mouthful 36 times if you haven't much on your plate) then you will feel you have eaten enough. Mind you, with Chinese food, after half an hour I always feel I can eat another plateful. Perhaps it doesn't take much digestion. Let's not go into that. For afters (eaten long after the main meal) Beloved had ice-cream, I ate a piece of fruit cake.

Today we will be having CMP (aka Cold Meat Platter). Perhaps followed by TOP (Ticket Office Pudding). You had better get used to these abbreviations.
The CMP will consist of a pack each of home-cooked chicken and ham, some corned beef (the remainder to be sliced and frozen for another CMP), home made coleslaw and Waldorf (do you know I have the feeling I have said all this before but I can't at this stage go back to see what I wrote about yesterday so forgive me, but I will continue). Jacket Potato and a little lettuce and tomato. I was going to make a cheesecake with some cottage cheese and the pineapple taken from a tin opened yesterday (to add to the Stir-fry), but I am now so flustered with not remembering what I said to you that I have gone off the idea.