Saturday, January 06, 2007

All in the Mind

On to yesterday's supper. Cottage Pie. Very much enjoyed by my husband. He asked that the mashed potato topping be really crusty. And real potatoes please, not the instant kind, and no lumps. As not sure what time Beloved would be home (his day to work at the florists), I put the cottage pie in the oven at 170C covered by a tent of foil, and then when he arrived home, removed the foil. and put the hot and bubbling dish under the grill to finish browning off beautifully. Little squeaks of glee from the other end of the table proved that this had worked to his complete satisfaction.

The end of the first tub of ice-cream was finished for 'afters'. Later I noticed the last piece of fruit cake had also disappeared. During the day I had poured over another layer of the fudge topping for TOPud. What I originally expected would cut into six portions (from an 8" square tin), now it seems will make twelve. We have each had one small portion on two days, and believe me, one - with cream- is quite enough. The remainder is kept frozen.

My plan for today was to be pizza, dips and sides , but beloved has asked for eggs, sausage, beans and chips. Well, why not. The makings are to hand. I was getting a bit worried about all those tins of beans not yet touched. All I need do is role-play chef for the day, and cook both. Fry up for him, and pizza (ham, sweetcorn, pineapple, assorted cheeses, plus dips and 'sides') for me.

Have decided not to buy chicken carcases this week as no room in the freezer for the stock and cooked bits. Still have loads left from the last batch, and - as it's free - doesn't affect the budget if I use that instead.
But first - bake bread as I need some of the dough for the pizza base. My Saturday has begun.