Friday, January 05, 2007

Comfort Eating

On to yesterday's meal - Vegetable Curry. This worked well with reservations. Personally I didn't feel that Jalfrezi was the right sauce to use. Maybe Tikka Masala which is our favourite would have been better. Plus a handful of cooked chickpeas would have given it more 'body'. Despite piled-high plates, I left the table feeling comfortably full but without having to undo my belt a notch, which can only be a good thing.

Today I had planned a fish-dish. But with Boris (aka the fridge-freezer) groaning with meat and pleading with me to remove some, I will be making cottage pie for tonight's supper. Serving it with parsnips and carrots. I had thought of mashing the parsnips and potatoes together to use as a topping and putting a layer of mashed carrots between the meat and the topping, so that it could be cooked in individual dishes, but Sir wants the vegetables separately (overcooked? Not!) But the first idea would have been good.

A further note in my diary reminds me to work through this week's recipes (taking the coming Saturday and Sunday into account) and find out how much I have had to 'buy from myself'. Add to this anything else not in my original shopping delivery, not forgetting the meat bill, and then I can find out what money is left. With still nine weeks to go, I may need to spend it all. But not yet.