Friday, September 26, 2014

Not Enough Hours....

Such a lot to do at the moment, so am hoping that you won't mind if I take a couple of days off (incl. today's blog), and return to you early next week.  Otherwise I won't catch up.  Early night needed as have to be at the surgery when it opens tomorrow (Sat.) morning for my flu jab.  Usually no reaction so no reason to slow me down.   Blame nature's bounty this autumn for keeping me busy (as well as knitting and crochet - have already knitted six cushion covers and nearly finished crocheting squares for a 'throw', but the more squares I do the more of me it will cover). 

Thanks for comments and will reply to these and any others that arrive over the weekend when I return on Monday.  With weather still set fair and around the 20C (warmer down south), want to take advantage of the good weather outdoors if I can (planting daffodil bulbs).

Even though I enjoy so much writing to you all, even more hearing from YOU, at the moment really feel I do need this short break to catch my breath, and know you will understand.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.   TTFN.