Tuesday, September 16, 2014

\Keeping it Short amd Sweet

Another early blog today as am at the computer anyway dealing with the continuing claim for the blogged sewage pipes OUTSIDE our boundary wall.  Seems we have to pay a further £88 for a detailed copy of the sewer network - and this from the Council.  So why can't the council's solicitor just ask for a copy herself from them?

Anyway, this is causing B so much stress and during last night  I discovered him sitting in the living room in the wee small hours (he had previously gone to bed and was in bed when I retired), worrying about it all.  So I'm taking now taking it over and he can forget about it.  I don't let things like that worry me, I just dig my toes in and hopefully give THEM cause to worry.

This afternoon I'll be going to the church 'Circle' meeting (think by then I will need the relaxation it gives me), so will have less time to do things this morning, there is a footie match on TV this evening that B will want to watch (in this room), and myself prefer to have an early night rather than wait until very late evening before I blog.  

Many thanks Sarina for the info on bottling pears in syrup.  Know just what you mean about lids 'popping',  after a jamming session I love to hear each lid 'pop' as they cool down. 
Also thanks to Hazel - her comment came in as I am writing so was able to check my email to read it, enabling me to give a reply.  Worth looking through old books to find how to preserve lots of things.  In the US, in the old days - I believe a lot of preserving was done in cans, but nowadays bottles are used, but still called 'canning'. 

Sorry it's a short blog, but am sure you will appreciate time is not on my side today.  Should be back to normal tomorrow, but not sure what time I will be blogging (have to say I prefer an early blog rather than a late one - then I can go to bed early.  TTFN