Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Better to be Busy then Bored..

Just a quick blog as it is very late.  Too busy to blog earlier today, and am now very tired.  But happy with my lot.  Better to be busy than bored.

Just one comment sent in - this from Les.  Didn't say that statins were bad for us Les, but they don't suit everyone.  Doc warned B that if he had bad side effects after being described them he must stop taking them - and this did happen.  Other people too have had to stop because statins don't suit them.  Same can be said of many pills, I've had to stop taking one type of blood pressure pill because this was the one that caused the bad allergy I've written about previously, and I recently had to stop taking the pills prescribed as pain killers because these too had very bed side effects. 

There are several illnesses where people should take statins, the dietician just wanted me to take them to reduce high cholesterol.  I said I'd prefer to see if natural remedies worked, and after six months it proved they had (eating more foods that lowered cholesterol, taking lecithin etc...).

It's been another fair weather day after yesterday's rain.  Still loads of apples on the tree, now much more visible as they are changing colour from leaf-matching green to rosy red on one side, and these have grown quite large, like Bramleys.  A different variety but they are cookers and with any luck, plucked straight from the tree (using an apple picker), a good chance they will keep for several months.  The fallings, even those that fell on the soft grass beneath the tree, will be slightly bruised, these I'm having to cook/freeze before they rot. 

B had his favourite supper tonight, this being liver, bacon, potatoes, and cabbage.  Sounds boring but it is very tasty due to the bacon fat (the cabbage first shredded, steamed, then tossed in the bacon fat - small potatoes halved, cooked and then added to the pan at the side of the liver so these too get coated in pan juices. 

However much I would love to cook restaurant quality meals for B, he is happiest when eating what I call 'normal' foods, nothing fancy, just a good plateful (having a large appetite he has his meals served on a meat platter), so it is basically 'farmhouse fare' that is served up in the Goode kitchen at the moment.  As long as it smells good, looks good, and tastes good, then that's all that really matters.

Sometimes I think we get carried away by the many cookery progs to be seen on TV.  Everything looks wonderful, and perhaps makes our own efforts looks pitiful, but this could be the cause of over-spending when it comes to trying to follow what the chefs/cooks demonstrate.  Rarely do they use inexpensive ingredients.

Today I read a recipe to serve one person, said to be for the budget-conscious.  It was a type of casserole that used a 7oz (200g) piece of steak, this being twice as much meat (protein) as nutritionally we really need.  

Looking forward to tomorrow to watch Brian Turner and Janet Street-Porter in Warwickshire.  Am hoping Berkswell hasn't changed that much since we stayed there, but bet it has.  Just about everywhere has.   Move with the times people say, but I bet many readers wish things could have remained how they used to be when they were young.

A really busy week this week.  Am tempted to take a rest from blogging until Sunday. If I can find time to drop in for my daily chat tomorrow will do so,, but if I don't appear you will know why.  Friday also busy but hope to pop in later that evening (B then out at his social and not hogging the comp or TV in this room).  Up early Saturday for our flu jabs.

Next week must start potting up the daffodil bulbs and trimming the geraniums before bringing these into the conservatory to flower through the winter.  

We at now at the equinox, and officially the first day of Autumn, although this season seems to have already started.  Dawn and dusk are at the same time of day (or should be if we were in GMT - dusk is one hour later).  Clocks should go back soon.  Weather still warm, and getting slightly warmer at the weekend, but now quite cool at night, also autumn mists in some areas in the early morning. 

Nearly midnight, am nodding off as I write, next week hope to have got on top of things and then  able to write a more interesting blog.  Stick with me - I'll get there in the end.  ~TTFN~