Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Let's Hope it Works.

Seems there might be a 'compatibility problem with the comp, but did a trial test and it appeared to publish.  So will hope today's blog will be up and readable.

Before I leave the depressing subject of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, seems that over the 24 hours of the Monday, more than £600 million pounds was spent buying 'things' online.  Appreciate what Les said about being paid at the end of the month and that is when people begin spending, but I think when able to use credit cards, any time will do.

Before credit cards, people did buy 'on tick', but only spending as much as they could afford (disposable income once the household bills had been paid- including the mortgage - and food put on the table).  Usually mothers would choose to buy from catalogues (and probably still do), paying £1 a week for £20 worth of goods (clothes, shoes, bed linen etc),  Once (say) ten weeks had past we would order another £10's worth of what was needed (and I don't mean WANTED), and carry on paying a £1 a week.  There was no interest added in those days, and the agent (usually a neighbour) running the catalogue would get a discount on her purchases (or was it a small commission on the amount of sales she managed to make?).  Either way, neither lost out by it.

In the old days we were always taught to 'live within our means', but today it seems no-one bothers about that any more.  If they did we (the nation's people) would not have run up a credit card debt of 1.4 trillion pounds.  I'm not even bothering to work out how much that is per capita.

Another interesting point re the way we now shop.  Apparently the average consumer will spend up to 8 hours researching via the Internet before choosing what to buy.  Maybe worthwhile in some instances, but when it comes to food the less time spent 'researching' the better as I can spend this time in the kitchen saving more money than I would have saved had I found a cheaper place to buy a can of beans.   There is a site that does give the best prices in each supermarket, but to buy them all we would have to trawl from store to store, and that's another no-no for me.   I'd rather pay a bit more and save time.  Having the groceries delivered also saves me so much time and the stress of shopping that I'm buying all my food this way now.  Just the occasional 'fresh' from Morrison's that B brings me (he now has to buy his lottery ticket there).

Incidentally, Tesco always send me details of how much money I've saved because certain products would have been more expensive in the other main (named) supermarkets.   Once they paid me money back because I would have saved had I bought some elsewhere.  That to me means a great deal in more ways than one.

Have you ever considered ordering groceries on-line jane? Not sure what other supermarkets are like but Tesco have regular offers that sometimes last only a week, other times a month or more.  If I choose some reduced items then forget to check the 'last date of offer', am reminded when I go to check-out so that I can change the delivery date - usually have chosen a day too late (or cancel said items) if I wish.
When I've ordered something they have run out of, they send me a substitute.  If it costs more I am only charged the price of the chosen cheaper.  Have had some really good 'subs' this way.   The other week I ordered a tray of 10 free-range eggs, but they sent me two cartons of 6 eggs.  Had I ordered these they would have cost more (per egg) anyway, but got a dozen eggs for the cost of the original 10.

Thanks to Lizzie for sending a great recipe for Granny G.  I'm sure we'll all be trying it out as it sounds really tasty.

Also nice to hear (from Alison and Joy) that children are still good at using their hands (or at least their fingers.  It really is true that older people usually have to ask their young grandchildren how to work the computer.  Why is it that we find it so difficult.   If mine has (again) got the wobblies, I'm going to have to ask Steve to sort it out for me.

Am cutting my blog short today as I need to see if it will publish, and if not will have to contact Steve to see if he can leave a message via his link to let you know there is a problem.  I wouldn't be blogging anyway tomorrow, so hope to be back with you again on Friday.  Enjoy your day. TTFN.