Monday, December 02, 2013

It's a Mad, Mad, World...!

Thanks for all your lovely comments.  Sitting down at the comp first thing (esp. after having a day off), going straight to me email 'inbox' (where blogger sends me your comments) - well, reading each gives me as much pleasure as opening the wrapping on Christmas presents.  Never know what I will see, but mostly all give me a warm glow.

So good to hear from you again Kathryn.  No point in waking B up when he is making noise, it would only start the whole thing off again when he again falls asleep.  Apparently I tend to grunt a bit when I just drop off (not all the time), and B prods me with his finger and it really hurts, but of course I then grunt again when I then fall back asleep so get another prod.  Perhaps I should have spent all of Friday night prodding B (did try but he never seemed to feel anything). Maybe next time (this coming Friday?).  Will report back on this.
Very good news about your job, it sounds as though you are getting to be indispensable.  Fingers crossed you will continue to work for this company for many months/years ahead. 

Your query Kathryn about other suggestions for cheese straws.  Not sure what type of pastry you want to use, but when I use my short pastry trimmings.  Sometimes - after rolling the pastry out very thinly, I then 'season' well.  Either with some sea salt crystals and plenty of black pepper, or sprinkle it with salt and smoky paprika.  Do the usual 'fold into three', give a re-roll and then sprinkle it again before folding and rolling for the final time.  
Other 'seasonings' can also work:  garlic salt, onion powder, fennel seeds, cumin/dried coriander....

One favourite 'nibble' of mine is (and blow me, I've forgotten it's name), is puff pastry that has been spread with either pesto sprinkled with Parmesan (or other finely grated hard cheese), or tapenade, then sides tightly folded/rolled up to meet in the middle and then the now-almost-roll sliced thinly and baked cut side facing up where they will spread out to make a flat, crunchy heart-shaped savoury 'bite' (why can't I remember the name? I knew it yesterday, I'll remember it tomorrow - or even latertoday, but I can't remember it now).
Other suggestions for nibbles are 'croustades', little slices of bread, toasted until crisp, then spread with cream cheese (liberally seasoned and maybe with chopped herbs/garlic) or tapenade, or perhaps hummous.  Dips with crudités are another good buffet 'help-yourself' (only make the dips thick, you don't want pretty frock or silk ties damaged by dips that drip). 

Quite right about our wonderful and free Health Service Granny G.  Think we tend to take it a bit too much for granted.  B has changed to buying the 'Health' Lottery tickets (because these are still £1 the normal Lotto tickets had recently doubled to £2 a ticket).  Am hoping much of the money goes towards the hospitals.
Hope very much that your granddaughter is recovering well.   A worrying time for your family.

Hadn't heard of the 'Mr Bear' story Joy, and it's funny how so much of life is very like many of the 'happenings' in children's books.  I seem often to have three goes before I get the taste right - the 'Goldilocks' trials I call it.  One too spiced, one not spiced enough, one just right...!

Did hear on the news about 'Cyber Monday' Pam, and I do mean over here! As well!!  Seems our retailers, not having a return to work after Thanksgiving (which we don't celebrate) are going to have it anyway.  Am I right in thinking it is today?   In the old days we had Sales one day of the year - immediately after New Year called 'The January Sales'.  How we enjoy shopping then, quite a crush but everyone trying to push to the front, but fairly well-behaved, none of the pushing people over, treading on them etc.
Our B.F. in Asda (UK), people were hurt and one man nearly caused a riot because he wasn't allowed to buy two huge plasma TV's, he was told only one large item per person.  Seems fair to me, but just goes to show how greedy people can be.

A welcome to Florence - another of our American readers who lives in Texas.  I know little about that state other than it seems always windy (as seen when watching Dallas - how otherwise would I know?), and a lot of meat is eaten, and barbecues are pretty common.  Believe there are a few 'nodding  donkeys' there too.  I'd love to have been able to visit America, mainly for the scenery and discovering how people live away from the cities.  Actually have been to America once, in the depths of winter to visit our daughter who lives in New York State.  Most of the scenery was much like Scotland - lots of pine trees.  I felt homesick.

Spent a happy few hours yesterday evening watching repeats of 'dinnerladies'.  Didn't realise they were being shown, just happened to notice - then discovered I'd missed seeming episodes the previous Sunday.  Several episodes back to back and how they made me laugh.  One of the best series ever.  Repeats of The Good Life also being shown , and - like Dad's Army - find them always watchable - like reading a good book again and again.

This week have been reading two books from the library, both autobiographies.  One written by Agatha Christie, an amazing writer, I couldn't wait to read the next few chapters (and it is a very thick book).  The other was written by Dawn French and sorry to say I had to give up reading it. Not the style of writing that holds my attention.

 Just found this paragraph at the bottom of the page, can only think I went further back to add something and forgot I'd written this and carried on taking about something else.  But worth a mention anyway, as written in reply to Florence...
...Can imagine that being ill in the US can be extremely expensive.  We say we have 'free' health here, but we do pay 'National Insurance' (taken from wages) which all goes to fund our Health Service, but for everyone, not just those who have worked and who have paid the NI.  So in a way it is 'free'.  Like our Benefit system (which is paid for by taxes taken from those who work).  The money has to come from somewhere....

Have lined up a busy day for me today, then should find time to give useful recipes tomorrow. As already it is December, the more dishes that can use left-overs or the 'must use it up' fresh foods from the back of the fridge the better.  Just as long as they are quick to prepare, tasty and 'interesting'.

According to our daughter, the supermarkets are already the place not to go - packed with people madly making their Christmas purchases.  Thank goodness for home delivery of groceries.  Saves a lot of hassle and stress, and of course none of the temptation (still get tempted but allow myself time to remove my not-really-needed purchases from my virtual shopping basket before I send the order, I then get the thrill of falling for temptation and also the smugness of not really caught in the supermarket net).

Hope you all have a good day and keep those comments coming.  TTFN.